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  1. Grazie mille Fabio, avevo già installato Snow seguendo il tuo metodo. Ho deciso di passare a Lion su un altro hd ed ho trovato questo nuovo thread. Semplicemente grandioso. Ho installato su asus P6T, I7920, tutto perfetto. Ora vorrei passare con la combo al 10.7.4, posso farlo con lo script Recreande come metodo del primo post usando aggiornamento software? Grazie davvero per il tuo enorme contributo alla causa hackintosh!
  2. No luck. Copying the kexts above (Stanza's Post #487) doesn't work for me. Elsewhere in this forum i've found a working solution: REmoving from the system's kexts AppleHPET should be fine. But strange it doesn't work for me. Strange thing that happened is this: when i reinstall the AppleHPET.kext the firewire and usb drive mount instantly on my desktop! But then everything (after reboting or disconnecting the devices) came back as usual, the drive dont't mount, if not connected at startup. I think the problems is around this kext, but i really can solve it. EDIT I've been around searching for a solution, and nothing really works. I've found this workaround and I've made this terminal command to be able to mount my usb and firewire devices in one click, just enter you password and voilà. Hope this will be useful for you, down here there are the files. mount_devices.zip
  3. Hello all. I've reinstalled everything, new EFI partition on a fresh osx install, change RAM modules (!!!!!there was an incompatibility with CORSAIR 1333Mhz 2GB modules!!!!!! and pt6 asus motherboard!!!!!) And now everything it's ok. I'm a little scard by now, cause everything is very fragile. TRying new EFI kexts it's a pain, if everything went wrong you need to boot from the cd and hope to recover everything via terminal ! Hard! A hint for everyone: I've got problems with EFIstudio, the app with graphical interface to install EFI partition, cause it installs the V5.1 of Munky's bootloader. You need to use the V6.1 cause it supports DSDT patch(inSystem folder and EFI folder, remember tio use both.) Now it's time to check if putting STANZA'kexts in EFI, to see if it give me back usb and firewire hotswap. ANYONE else got this problem and managed to solve it? Thanks anyone.
  4. it makes sense, thanks for your reply. anyway now i've got another problem, how sad... the system doesn't load anymore, it stop at ioapic error at boot. i don't know if it's hardware related maybe bios config wrong, or software related. i didn't make any changes... that's strange. i can boot from leopard dvd, system and disk check, and i'm trying to understand now, before i'll end up reinstalling everything. noooo... "MAC Framework succesfully initialized using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers" i've never had this problem with install disk... strange. do u think it's related to your version 2 motherboard?
  5. yes, you're right. it was that. Jerra, for you i think it's the same, just disable hiperthtreading and use just 1 core in bios settings. about the efi, maybe it was a mistyping, around in the forum i've found much about boot0 problem. come again with munky's style and now i'm back in the boot. Thanks AiBear. for the missing ram bank I think it's hardware related. it doesn't show up in bios too, many people got this hardware failure. I'll talk with the pc guy at the shop... ANd About firewire drive mounting only after rebooting: "copying the newer 10.5.6 kexts to the EFI partition and re running the update.sh file fixed all my USB / firewire and network problems in one sweep." like Stanza33 said doesn't seem the right approach... Why copying kexts from system to EFI if they are the same? AM i wrong? I'll look around for the older files you said AiBear. Thank you.
  6. Thank you Stanza 33, but Argh, i did just try to put these files (Firewire and usb) in EFi esxtensions folder via terminal, then ./update and umount, After rebooting i found a black screen with these: boot0: GPT boot0: HFS+ boot0: booting boot0: done boot1: startupfile_ I can't do nothing at this point, no keyboard, but blinking underscore. I think the problem are not the new kexts i put in EFI, but something different. If i try to boot with cdboot I always stop at MAC Framework succesfully initialized using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers l can go further adding -x in startup string it boots after minutes, maybe l can rebuild efi from here in safe mode, but when I reboot i get boot0: GPT etc again... Maybe the files are corrupted...I'll try to download them again thanks
  7. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    Thanks Mrx33. This currently work for me! Your method is really simple, even if install a lot of kexts with NVIDIA 9000 series (maybe not all are required...) and make my 9500GT works with VGA connector. (I simply didn't try ther port, I don't have DVI monitor for now). There's only some problem when switching resolution, blue screen, then put in sleep mode, when wake up everything seems fine. Quite good. Thanks again to all the people trying this. Endo
  8. Hello mates. So, i get this mobo up and and running at last. All i have to do is follow MJ first post,, the walktrough, step by step. ANYTHING ELSE, or skipping step (someone told me DSDT wasn't needed anymore) SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK! I CAN'T make Chameleon or EFIstudio, or everything else to work, maybe for my poor knowledge about EFI, but EVERYTHING seems ok with Munky's method. It's a huge effort for people like me, working with mac from years, but absolutely ignorant in what's there under the os. So, i want to say THANKS to MJ, great massive work, and to Munky, Aibear, and all the others posting here. Everyone. Other's Mistakes posted here sometimes helps a lot. I've got a thousand question now, like everyone else, and with time i think everything should be fine. - First of all, i can only see one of my two RAM bank. They are in slots A1 and B1, like said in the mobo guide, but the second one doesn't shows up. Any clue? - And then about EFi and voodoo Kernel. Why starting up in -v mode, i can read something about kernels doesn't matching? Is osx still reading the original kernel? I've copied voodookernel file in EFI and in root, like MJ said. Is there a way to mount the EFI partition on desktop and look via Finder at the files? It would be sooo useful! - And now i'm asking myself about a method to save this os on another drive or in an img, to restore in case of failure. Anyone could point me in the right direction? - Ah yes, last... firewire device (i.e. HD) doesn't hotswap/mount but need to restart. It's related to semething in mobo bios? Thanks to all, again.
  9. HI all, I'm going to try this installation in the next days, with my P6T Deluxe. I just don't understand wich version of osx leopard retail disk you guys have used. It's 10.5.6 just fine? non need to update... Or i have to go to earlier version of the retail dvd, (10.5.0-10.5.4) as many of your posts says? Or is this just not a problem? every retail disk works fine? Thank you all.