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  1. kernel_task high cpu - my situation

    Update on my situation! After some time I managed to survive 2 hours without restarting and the kernel_task has calmed down. Now everything works fine sound, video, lan. I'm afraid to reboot, though!
  2. kernel_task high cpu - my situation

    Where you found ACPI_SMC fix patch? I have the same problem with iATKOS v7 (which is the only distro that installs and runs!!!). My spec: Biostar TP43D2-A7 2GB DDR-II (put on a single slot) Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT The system boots very slow maybe 10 minutes and then is the kernel_task at 100%. Also it is very unstable and freezes often sometimes only hard reboot helps. I've installed with the following options: Voodoo PS/2, Voodoo HDA, AHCI, Realtek R1000 and all the default setting from iATKOS v7 distribution.
  3. Xcode debug problem!?!

    Thank you pontifex22. I thought that may be the reason too! After all MacOS is not made to run on AMD's
  4. Hello All! Recently I installed iDeneb 1.4 (MacOSX Leo 10.5.6) My PC is an AMD Athlon64 X2 with 2GB of RAM. I installed the latest iPhone dev kit (2.2.1) and created a simple iPhone application project. The project was build successfully and iPhone simulator started and executed the application. Then I decided that I need to debug it to trace the code to see what happens. I put a breakpoint in the main loop and it wouldnt break the execution. I tried everything, loading symbols non lazily, playing with different project settings but none seems to work. I start the project with attached debugger and nothing happens. I wonder if the problem is in my CPU or I need to do something to make the debugger stop? Please if you have any suggestion how to resolve this problem share it with me! Thank you!!! Xcode ver is: 3.1.2 Here is the output in the Debugger Console