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  1. It has long been my view that piracy is what breeds success in computing. Back when Apple and MS were starting out, Apple took the divergent course by going with a different processor achitecture. MS thrived because people could buy a generic Intel box and install the OS from their friends floppies. MS benefited greatly from piracy, as it basically spread their platform to more people and helped make it ubiquitous. Apple you couldn't pirate their software because there wasn't non-Apple hardware to install it on. When they tried the clone route it nearly killed them. You'll notice that Apple's rise to prominence also coincided with their switch to Intel. They made their software compatible with a wider scope of hardware, which in turn helped them make gains in PC marketshare. Apple is content to let the hacker scene work away knowing that it just further entrenches their platform. Apple's got what they want, they built the ecosystem. Now developers release stuff for Mac all the time because it's a thriving market. As someone who was a Mac user in the 90s, it's like a night and day change.
  2. ATI Radeon 5400 or 5000 series on Lion Full QE CI

    I am having quite a bit of difficulties on my system running 10.7.3 and just can't seem to get this right. I just bought an Asus 5450 HD Silent card tonight and haven't had any luck getting this to work. http://canadacompute...&item_id=030149 If I boot up with GE=no it boots up just fine and gives me a full gamut of resolutions to work with, identifies as a 5000 series, I can play chess without issue, didn't test the DVD bit though. But when I enable graphics it passes the grey load screen and when it changes resolution it just goes black, so no signal anymore. I've tried putting ATIinjector.kext in e/e and s/l/e with no luck. I've looked through all these different threads about the 5450 and cannot seem to figure it out. I don't get why when the graphics are disabled it works fine, yet when I enable them it doesn't work. Can anyone shed some light on why that would be?
  3. I built my Hackintosh last year and it seems to have subsequently died on me a couple of weeks ago. I blogged the specs when I originally built it below http://www.modsuperstar.ca/archive/2009/05...ackintosh_htpc/ Components nMedia 2000B GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L Intel Motherboard Intel Pentium E5200 Wolfdale 2.5GHz Dual Core Processor Enermax ETK405AST Tomahawk 405W Power Supply Corsair DDR2 PC2-5300 2GB Ram EVGA 128-P2-N428-LR GeForce 7200GS 512MB Graphics Card Now since this was my first computer building project and I'm not really a PC guy I'm kinda at a loss for how to troubleshoot. When the problem first started the computer would boot as far as the initial bios screen, then hang on the memory testing. I hard restarted it a few time and got past it once where it booted into OS X, only to suffer a kernel panic. A few more restarts where the bios would show up, now I get absolute nothing when turning the machine on. The machine does some type of internal beeping, which I don't know where it's coming from, but has done that for awhile. My thinking is that it must have fried something, but I don't have any fallback machine or components to test what might be going wrong. Can someone help me out with troubleshooting this, as I don't even know where to start.
  4. Toshiba A210/A215 Success or Problem Thread

    I have an A210-FS1 and have at least had some success in installing iDeneb 1.4, but I can't get it to boot. It will go to the Darwin boot setup screen, but when it tries to boot it just restarts the machine. I'm not too knowledgeable with how bootloaders function, so I'm hoping that might be my issue. I currently am using EasyBCD 1.7.2 to do my boot setup. Is there something else I should use. I have Vista running on the other partition. I attempted Kalyway today but couldn't even get the thing to boot into the install.
  5. I'm looking at purchasing a laptop soon and was looking for some buying advice. I recently built my own HTPC Hackintosh, so I do know some of the ins and outs for the process, but I know since laptops are obviously pre-built therein lies the snag to the plan. Ideally what I'm looking for is a 15"-17" laptop with reasonable up to date specs. I would be using it for doing graphic/web work, but it isn't going to be my everyday machine. My wishlist feature is that if it could come in white, but that's not a deal breaker. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  6. I bought the gigabyte motherboard and e5200 processor and have set upon building my machine. I'm brand new to building a PC, so I've run into a roadblock. I've assembled everything, plugged the machine in, flipped the switch on the PS and nothing. No lights, no fans. I press and hold the button on the front and nada. So I hauled out the PS and took it back to the store. Turns out it was a bum PS, so I got a new one and had the guy in the store test the second one to verify it was working. Assemble it again and again nothing. Could it be my nMedia 2000b case is defective? I would figure that I would at least get a light, fan or something but I haven't had any luck at all. Any help anyone could lend me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I'm currently mulling getting the Asus P5N73-AM that I found on sale, it has an onboard nVidia nForce 610i Chipset which I'm wondering whether it would be sufficient for handling the graphics load, or should I just get a the Gigabyte board and a graphics card. There wasn't too much info on people using the Asus board on the site, so I'm wondering what the best path would be. As for the processor I'm looking at the Intel Pentium E5200 Wolfdale 2.5GHz, which I think should have enough horsepower to handle things.
  8. I'm looking for a little guidance with regards to what components would I should use in my machine. I just ordered a case last week and have a terabyte drive, but I need to make the call on the motherboard and processor. I splurged on the case I wanted it to fit in with the aesthetic of my living room and thought it matched my receiver well. Case Nmedia 2000b http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?...2&Tpk=2000b Now what I'm hoping to do is get an inexpensive board and processor that will be able to handle streaming HD content from my iMac. I've got a D-Link N router and don't have too much trouble streaming HD to my Xbox 360 currently. I also intend on putting a capture card in the machine at some point, but not initially. I had been looking at this thread comparing the BOXDG31PR vs. GA-G31M-ES2L and wasn't too sure whether either of those boards would be able to handle what I'm looking for. And if I went with one of those boards what would be the best option for an inexpensive processor? I'm also wondering what type of power demands a box like this would require. The case I bought doesn't come with a power supply. Could I get away with a 250 or 400 to power the machine?