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  1. Dell Studio 1557 Discussion Thread

    does the current supplied dsdt function with BIOS A09?
  2. Be sure to install VMware tools, that's what enables the other resolutions.
  3. Could someone please upload a mirror, file dropper has been uncooperative all afternoon (mediafire preferably) EDIT: Never mind, I got it.
  4. Great work Donk! This project keeps getting better and better. First the templates, then diy installation, now full Chameleon support! This will also enable an alternate kernel to be loaded! I can't wait!
  5. As soon as the kernel is added,I have an AMD SVM system to test on. Looking forward to more progress! PS: INsaNLEY maC STILL DOESN'T WORK WITH FIREFOX 3.6.X ARRRG!
  6. As cool as all this stuff is, you can get safari for windows, and that would be much easier
  7. Intel WiFi 5100/5300 AGN Driver?

    updates here http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/mercurysquad/130654692121?ref=ts[\url]
  8. Distro for Radeon Mobility 3100

    Stop right there The ONLY Mobility cards that work are those listed in the stickies. The 3450,3470,43350, and anything NOT in the stickies that is a MOBILITY card will not work until Apple and ATI add support for it. The absolute best case for one of these cards is resolution change. No QE or CI, everything will be rendered on the CPU. All ATI drivers are adaptations and builds on top of apple supplied drivers. There is NO support for the mobility architecture in these drivers (exceptions are in the stickies are possible because Apple used a similar or the same card) Writing such a driver would require require intimate knowledge of the ATI hardware and an entirely new framebuffer (the thing that is the "base" for kexts that OSX uses to talk to the hardware) This would require an immense amount of work and complete knowledge and the sources (code before it is compiled in to a kext) of ATI drivers would be needed. This is not possible because ATI drivers are closed source and therefore not publicly available. Detailed engineering specs of ATI card would also be needed (again not possible). Your best bet is to wander over to the multi-booting and virtualization forum and install OSX in a vm if only to get video full screen. Lastly, Mushishi is labeled as a sage for a reason, listen to what he says, he may be overly concise but is getting the main point across. 1/2 the topics in this forum are about getting these card to work and it just isn't happening in the near future. PS a kext is like a driver.
  9. The reply function isn't working right , anyways, why would you want airport? The VM connect through a virtualized ethernet connection via the host connection regaurdless of wether the host is wired of wireless. Sorry for any typos, I can't fix therm as the post box is refusing to cooperate with firefox.
  10. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 driver hopefully?

    Just a heads up, don't hold your breath for CI/QE, it isn't coming unless apple decides to use this card (or similar), due to the fact that it would require an almost complete rewrite of the framebuffers. This has been stated by the resident devs.
  11. That would be awesome! No hurry though. I believe that said ramdisk would need two kernels, one for installing (10.6.0 from a dvd), and one for after the update to 10.6.2. both kernels can be found here http://nawcom.com/osx86/files/10.6/Kernels/
  12. I found the ram disk, but how do I write to it?, ulraiso gives me "unsupported filetype, and osx won't let me write to it. (initrd.img) Could you point me to the thread with the instructions on extracting and rebuilding the iso, the search function isn't doing much (as usual)
  13. Hi Donk, I was looking into running snow leopard on a friend's pc, an AMD Phenom II with AMD-V. I have tested the qoopz/nawcom kernel for 10.6.2 on my intel laptop and it works fine, I was wondering how you injected the voodoo kernel into your voodoo iso. I have downloaded it and have not been able to find the kernel using ultraiso. Could I just drop it in the root of your snowy-darwin iso? If so, what would be the parameters to get it to boot. Additionally, does the current version of the snowy darwin iso have fakesmc, and if so, should the vmx be set to apple.smc.present = TRUE? Thanks, smarty94
  14. Sorry, Vmware does not and probably will no support QE anytime in the forseeable future (they just implemented a WDDM compliant driver on windows and the intended use for the built in function is running OS X server, which wouldn't need a decent graphics card)