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  1. I have a working internal webcam which has a weird model name... SCB 1100N. Its fully working on photobooth and facetime but there is no Auto Exposure. Its very dark, and the only way for my face to be visible is to put lotsa light source. At night, a brightly lit room seems underexposed by alot. I've used camera control app but unticking auto exposure doesnt make any difference. I tried IGlasses but it increases brightness of the app not the camera. The prob seems to be that the camera itself is not adjusting the exposure. Can anyone help me with this? PLEASE? I tried googling and searching around but it seems like i an the only one facing this problem. Thanks in advance. (: Oh i forgot to add, White Balance is working cuz it changes color. Only exposure. Why is this?
  2. liliass

    Iatkos L1 boot loop

    I have been experiencing boot loop on Lion using Iatkos L1. After installing and booting, the OS couldnt load the kernel. In the bootloader, i add bootflag -v,press enter and a few lines on dsdt,mach_kernel n etc came up, then it reboots just like that. But i can boot using the Iatkos L1 Cd. what could be the prob? Im using 2630qm sandy bridge. Thanks
  3. I get a boot loop whenever i try to install Snow Leopard/Lion to support sandy bridge. I can boot 10.6.6 just fine. But updating to 10.6.8 will get me to a boot loop. I tried tonymac86 way of updating to 10.6.8 but i stil get the boot loop. Installing 10.7 Lion also will result in boot loop. I cant get into the kernel, as soon as bootloader loads, blank screen flashes, then reboot. Im on Intel i7 2630qm. Any help guys? All bootflag had been tried, trust me. I cant boot kernel that supports sandy bridge!
  4. I have a Samsung NV300. Here are my specs: Intel i7 2630qm 4gb ddr3 Realtek 8191se Sound card Intel HD + Nvidia 520mx optimus Problem is, when i install Iatkos L1, i cant seem to boot. Everytime i try to boot, it just ends up in a boot loop. The kernel did not even load. But i am able to boot in safe mode using the installation disc. Then i try with SL 10.6.6 using Hazard Distro. It boots fine, but its lagging. mouse movement is also lagging. It cant detect my processor. I saw on tonymac that i need to update to 10.6.8 to be able to detect my Sandy Bridge processor. Followed his instruction and after installing, i am in a boot loop too! Kernel did not load. Question is, what could be the prob? I try install a custom kernel but same problem. If its a kernel problem, could u recomend me a kernel to try and instructions on how to install it. Thanks guys. Appreciate it so much! (:
  5. liliass

    Parallels Desktop 6

    Hi everyone, Does anyone can make the Parallels desktop 6 works in Lion GM ? I try to use 3rd party solution http://bs87.com/post/3598633477/parallels-...r#disqus_thread but this solution caused my Shared Network failed to work anymore. Does anyone able to get PD6 to works ? Thank you.
  6. liliass

    PCI Configuration Begin

    I reinstall LION from the usb drive (twice) and now i am able to boot into lion. I have no idea why. but at least now everything is working fine.. yahoo!!
  7. Finally installed the Lion GM! Use all the method from the TS. but I got PCI Configuration Begin stuck for no reason. Reinstall Lion GM. and the PCI Configuration Begin goes away... I have no idea why. Beside than, Now Everything i turn on my Hackintosh, it will Hfs read all the kext. so i took about 1 minute to boot a SSD into Mac. I am wondering how to disable the mac from reading all kext?
  8. Does anyone have the same problem like me, When I use Chemeleon RC5-r1003 in USB stick, i can proceed to installation. even though "PCI Configuration Begin" occured. After than, I install Chemeleon RC5-r1003 into my Lion Partition. But I just stuck in "PCI Configuration Begin" and the machine just hanged there. GC - 240GTS 1GB RAM Intel i5 760 12GB RAM. GA-P55-UD3L FH.
  9. The bootloader doesn't work for me, Chameleon RC5- r1002 in my GA=P55-UD3L BIOS just stuck there.
  10. Hi, Does anyone having problem when the USB plug in the computer in BIOS caused fail to boot up? as for my case, i can't boot up my usb after restore the Lion.
  11. liliass

    [Help]GA-P55-UD3L rev2.3

    Fixed by using this tutorial/trick ! http://tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&a...77f&start=0
  12. liliass

    [Help]GA-P55-UD3L rev2.3

    anyone can help pls
  13. Hi, I am using Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3L rev2.3 I try to install VoodooHDA but still no help. I'm deeply appreciate if u can help me. Thank you in advance.
  14. liliass

    USB and iPhone

    Above kext works for me, now my Iphone can be charge and sync with itune without any problem. however, my Dlink WIFI usb adapter DWA125 after using the kext.