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  1. I've been workign on EXACTLY this issue. I have NOT upgraded my MBP because of exactly the issue you are talking about. Its mostly fine, a bit too hot, but i dont want my fans on all the time. So im trying to extract the original SMC firmware from the boot rom before I go upgrading it with the new one. the aptly named "hfsplus.ef" thread has a bunch of my exploits on it, and sort of the state of the state with respect to efi firmware extraction, disassembly and reflashing. I will let you know as I progress, any ideas you might have would certainly help. -manch
  2. -Archive- Macefix86 2006 -Archive-

    its trivial to get to the EFI shell with reFit (http://refit.sf.net) I still can't get their EFIAppLoader.efi to write the current firmware out from there. I'm thinking its going to be easier to extract the bin files. I decided to work on something else for the weekend (convertmake) I'll come back to this in a week or so when i feel up to unpacking PE binaries. Glad to help anyone else who wants to try tho -manch
  3. ConvertMake 2.0 alpha1

    I just posted this over at increw, but I thought people here might appreciate it as well. http://www.increw.com/component/option,com...owcat/catid,18/ http://convertmake.increw.org enjoy! -manch