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  1. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    No luck nstat lookup entry failed: 2
  2. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    No Luck , Still PCI Configuration Begin and doesnt go anywhere from there
  3. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    ok report back how it went once i did
  4. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    Putting back those new Kexts make me stuck at PCI Configuration begin
  5. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    DSMOS arrived and after it stays at IOcatalog Reset I am stucked after DSMOS Arrived at IOCatalog Reset stage
  6. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    Ok, i put back those kexts from 10.7 GM without touching FakeSMC or NullCpu Power thanks,
  7. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    Anyone has an idea about IOCatalog Reset on 10.7 GM? How to work it out?
  8. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    Im still with IOCatalog Reset Issue on 10.7 GM.....
  9. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    Yes i feel proud and happy free from iAtkos chains ?Now im stucked on IOCatalog reset and DSMOS arrived message on the clean 10.7.1 GMi already deleted kexts of AppleIntelHDA s but It didnt helpI came until thos stage installing these additional kexts: FakeSMC,NulCPUPowerManagement,IOPCI, AppleACPI kextsSo Im about to find something for IOcatalog reset problemBut its getting into a good direction and hopefully with a base system like this retail 10.7 i will work out my way to 10.7.4 finally ?I will sort somehow out I guess
  10. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    I dont know if its considered a progress or not in my case, but at least i hope it gives better understanding how to solve the situation if its possible i have with 10.7.4 Combo Update and its KP.Here is what I did.1., I went back to scratch and followed this guide http://www.themacmob...-lion-usb-drive making a usb booting installer using 10.7 GM , the Chameleon bootloader mentioned in the tutorial on the website, and those 3 zip files as it was said everything step by step.2., No Additional Kexts or Modifications were used others than mentioned in point 1.,3., I did not expected but the usb pendrive booted with only using -v as boot flag all the way up to the installation and actually i did installed it to my external usb hard drive with no issues at all.4., After installer finished and restarted i tried to boot into the fresh 10.7 GM install with the help of latest Chameleon bootloader (which boots my iAtkos 10.7.3 OS)5., with -v it loads the kext cache phase and quickly restarts itself, same with -x and even with cpus=1 , with whatever i tried....6., the screenshot i post here is the last lines after it goes black and restarts (thanks to ipad videomrecording to grab that moment)Does it help to solve the case and/or build a Clean 10.7 from the ground up and probably update that to 10.7.4 (and not the iAtkos 10.7.3) whichever is easier???I hope I was usefull,
  11. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    I think i will go back to scratch...I mean this 10.7.3 is based on iAtkos L2 distro I should find out which are those kexts which making my cpu and all those not to KP and use those kexts and my 10.7.4 Lion Installer to make it a Clean as Mac as I can now after messing up with kexts taken from iatkos 10.7.3 to the usb installer i have prepared now i end up sometimes with KP like before and sometimes (after other changes) with still waiting for root device error So somewhere between there has to be the solution I hope so By the time i figure out to make 10.7.4 running on my system 10.8 will be officially out ( with those functions i would love to use by the way) I have a lot to learn a loot So I am still in experimenting phase withnevery little we get closer to the solution i hope so Ps: I would go for SSD also way soo fast
  12. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    I got more info about the running 10.7.3 I am actually using. Originally its an iAtkos L2 Base Install being combo updated to 10.7.3 with no problems at all. I only had to use kexts for audio (voodoo) and Wifi thats all. This 10.7.3 runs in 32bit mode both System Profiler and kernel_task reports NO 64bit modes. I don't know if it helps or not.. I will try those kexts you sent me Would It be a good idea to go what HUSABER suggested and try to build a Clean Install based on 10.7 GM Lion as close as possible I can (No iAtkos No patched distros)??? Maybe that could be a way around. iMac Viktor 10.7.3 iAtkos L2 Original.rtf
  13. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    Well I got very usefull help from HUSABER over TeamView, He really helped me a lot sacrificing his free time. We (He) tried making from sratch a new usb pendrive installer with 10.7.4 using those mentioned kexts (FakeSMC, etc) and also tryin to update a working 10.7.3 installation with combo update to 10.7.4 and same kext using methods... Unfortunatelly I am still facing the very same kernel panics. So I dont know where to go from this point... Thanks,
  14. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    You are absolutelly right Though when i have a working system i trymto stop myself not to {censored} it up i finished the carbon copy thing i did a secondary clone on an ext usb hard drive will try 10.7.4 combo updateon it and before restart install those kexts FAkesmc and nullcpupowermanagement lets see
  15. Kernel Panic on boot at 10.7.4 Lion

    Yes it is correct as you said..that is the situation, and no, i only installed Combo Update and rebooted it ( i had / have no clue what kexts to replace/rollback ( now it seems it should be FakeSMC , NullCPUPowermanagement) i will try that carbon copy cloner or try to make experiments on my ext usb hard disk 10.7.3 to 10.7.4 and replace those mentioned kexts...it will be a good idea set up a testing enviroment with the working 10.7.3 but on an add on ext usb hardrive thanks for that ( i always learn something every day...but sometimes not what i exactly need on taht very moment ) sorry i was not carefull with that