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  1. Right guys, I've installed iDeneb 1.4 (Mac OS X 10.5.6) before on this machine - but had to format my HD for another project. Now I need to go back to Mac OS X for some work related stuff, and until I can afford a macbook - I thought I'd just go back to hackintosh for a while! Now by default it wasn't working at all - so I unplugged my 160gb SATA HDD, and tried it with only IDE drives. Now I specify "rd=disk0s1 -v" and I get a little bit further; but its "Still waiting for root device". Now I remember having this before but for the life of me can't remember how I managed to get around it. Whilst this is happening, *one of the drives* clicks and it sounds like its just.. given up?! I've googled and googled but to no avail, and played around with both my BIOS and my physical hardware. Both of my drives are set to cable select - and I've tried the HD as Primary and the DVD-ROM as secondary, and vise versa. (Both are IDE) AHCI support is enabled in the BIOS, and I have looked at other links and got my BIOS looking as it should. See, I know it works as I installed this way before - but I just can't remember for the life of me what I actually did. rd=disk0s1: "Still waiting for root device..." rd=disk1s1: "Got Boot Device" -> "nfs_boot_init_failed with 6\n"@Volumes/disk1s1/leo_xnu... nfs_vfsops.c:851 rd=disk1s2: Same as disk1s1; but with the additional "Runtime corruption detected" then a message about running fsck next reboot. (Dodgy media? I'll burn a new DVD..) So from this, I'm guessing disk1s2 is the correct drive/partition. Now I will reburn the media - and see if that improves the situation at all. Any ideas guys? Distro iDeneb 1.4 (Mac OS X 10.5.6) ASUS P5SD2-VM / Intel Celeron Dual Core E1400 / 2GB RAM / 80gb IDE HDD
  2. .iso to Flash Drive software

    I might've misunderstood a little bit - apologies! My understanding was that "unetbootin-windows-357" was a netboot client - i.e it finds the kernel from a network source. So you wouldn't use it to put an ISO on to a USB drive. You would, for example, use it to boot a computer up to recieve the ISO over a network and boot from that. (Like holding 'n' down on an Apple system) Maybe you should just try opening the ISO up in something like WinRAR and extracting it to the flashdrive directly? Also, Have you tried going for a linux distro thats actually specifically for a flash drive?
  3. A Potential EULA Loophole

    Installing the OS on a real Apple system would also probably result in a loooaaaddd of driver issues when it came to integrating it with your non-apple hardware.
  4. 2009 desktops?

    Its been like this since install a few months ago... Time for a change I think! Xubuntu - CompizFusion and some other bits and bobs.
  5. Mac mini G4 + Tiger ?

    If they are anything like the Intel ones then they're also a pleasure to work on!
  6. a problem with newer (for help!)10.4.6

    I've done a quick google for WirelessAirPortDeviceNameCopy() and it appears that a lot of people get that line, but it doesn't usually result in the machine being unable to boot.. If I were you, I'd try and run a minimal system configuration and see if you can get it to boot that way. Then slowly add the hardware back bit by bit. For example... Open the casing up, unplug anything that isn't essential. So you just have your RAM, CPU and HDD connected to the Motherboard. Then unplug any external hardware you have. Now try and boot. If that doesn't work I'd even take out RAM modules if you have more than one, to check that it isnt an issue with your RAM. If you can get it working, then connect everything one-by-one until the fault occurs again.. then you have your problem! Bearing in mind, my experiance has been repairing real apple machines - but the theory could be applied to your situation! BTW - What distribution are you using? You could try using another one perhaps? Good luck! Edit: Scottapotamas may have hit the nail on the head there; I didn't check your motherboard - if its an AMD one then you may have to hunt around a bit more!
  7. Mac mini G4 + Tiger ?

    I didn't think Apple employed any software checks for updates! Have you tried anyway? If not, I'm pretty sure you can download Apple updates from the Apple website. There appears to be download links - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X_v10.4#Version_history <-- here. Good luck!
  8. haha, Well I want to try and get some use out of it! We'll see though. I'm assuming its a rev 2 as its CK0050***** - so unless they've changed the serial number system, or unless I'm having a slow day - its 50th week of 2000. It also says its a Power Mac G4 on it.. I was sure these things were G3?! (400mhz though) I'm thinking of a little el-wire in there, or some LED's behind the logos! Nothing overly spectacular as the casing is pretty cool as it is. Although this has been heavily neglected in a shed for a while! So needs a good clean and a bit of vacuuming! Looks like I might have quite a project...
  9. Mac OS X Puma (10.1)

    Cheers guys! Thats the torrent I tried before; but I'm actually getting some down on that now!
  10. I've come into posession of an old Powermac G3 (Blue and White). As far as I know its all stock, and just been stored in a spare room for years! Now I need some ideas to pimp it out! So here's some questions! - Original hardware or not? Should I try and somehow mount my PC inside that sexy looking case? Or stick with the apple goodness?! - Which Operating System? This thing can run Mac OS X Puma (10.1), or Tiger (10.4) with some added RAM. Or should I perhaps look at a linux distro? - To mod, or not too mod? I'm wondering if some little LEDs and El Wire would look good on this old school casing! I'm not sure yet though... Any other ideas or suggestions? Cheers guys! (Oh, and if anyone can help me get my hands on Mac OS X Puma, it'd be much appreciated!)
  11. Mac OS X Puma (10.1)

    Right guys, I've come into posession of an old Powermac G3 (Blue and White). As far as I know, its all stock still so I'm looking at a machine with about a 350mhz PPC processor, and 64mb of RAM. Now I want to try and get Mac OS X on it, as I'm pretty sure these bad boys came with Mac OS 8. I know this machine can support Tiger/10.4 if it gets a RAM upgrade, otherwise I want to be looking as far as Puma/10.1. Now I know you guys can't really condone piracy etc... BUT! Does anyone know where I could get a copy of 10.1? Preferably very cheap/free? I know it weighs in at around 500mb! Cheers guys!
  12. IONetworkingkit kext?

    Hey guys! I've just got iDeneb v1.4 (so 10.5.6) up and running and its all working smoothly. Using nvinject for my graphics and a kext for my integrated audio. The only issue is networking. My integrated networking chipset (SIS 191) isnt supported so I'm using a pegasus based USBtoEthernet adaptor, however its not working correctly. I have done a bit of digging about and noticed that in verbose mode it complains of the lack of a iokit.IONetworkingKit file, before saying... Can't determine dependencies for com.dsumorok.driver.USBPegasusEthernet. Couldn't alloc class USBPegasusEthernet So I'm guessing that iokit.IONetworkingKit is the dependancy that it requires, but can't find - hence not working. I have put a list of my /System/Library/Extensions folder here [ http://pastebin.com/m3663b16c ] - and true enough, theres no IONetworkingKit. Does anyone know where I could grab this from? I've tried google and kexts.com to no avail! Cheers in advance!