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  1. MTLion and Win7 runs perfect now with Chameleon as bootloader!! Thanks And i checked what you said, but it doesnt really help, because fdisk printed very weired informations about the disks, none of my disks had partitions and some disks had negative count of cylinders...very weird, so i decided to delete my main hdd, now all works great!!
  2. good news: i'm writting this from MTLion :-) thx verdant what i've done now: disconnected all USB devices except my USB Drive, boot to OSX installation, plugged in keyboard and mouse and formated my hdd (1. MTLion 2. Windows) and installed OSX on it after installation booted again in the installation but i opened terminal and copied all the stuff i need (kext and so on) to MTLion, reboot with USB Drive but then selected my MTLion hdd...it works! installed bootloader and now i can boot with no problems :-) (only Sound dont work, but i have a Idea how to solve it) now i'm going to install windows and hope that can boot back in OSX sometimes :-) soooo much thanks to verdant!!!
  3. a little step forward: I disconnected ALL USB devices except my USB Drive, after booting and when the installer apears i connected my mouse and started the installation...works fine booted back in Lion and done the last few steps, reboot but i cant boot. and here i think is the Problem: i have 1 HDD for the System: 1 partition is Lion and the 2 ist MT-Lion i think i have to delete the hole HDD and put MT-Lion in the front of the HDD, but the Problem is, if this doesnt work, i dont have any MacOSX to modify the boot sequence and the next problem is i cant boot into Lion to install chamelon or is it possible to boot from the USB drive into my installation of MT-Lion...because i think that was the way i've done it the last time
  4. hy verdant, first thanks again for another beautiful guide from you. i installed Lion with your help and now i want MountainLion^^ but at the moment i cant boot/install it. i'm getting sill waiting for root device but i dont know how to solve... i thought it has something todo with USB so i tested some boot flags: USBfix=Yes EHCIacquire=YES UHCIreset=No but none of them helped me, maybe you have an idea
  5. Guten Tag alle zusammen, versuche mich seit mehreren Tagen an MT Lion. Scheitere aber schon beim ersten boote, dh vor der Installation. Als Basis für die Installation dient mir diese Anleitung http://www.insanelym...howtopic=263931 ( hat für Lion perfekt funktioniert) Das Problem scheint bei mir USB zu sein (ich boote von einem USB-Stick) hab es schon mit USBfix=Yes;EHCIacquire=YES;UHCIreset=No aber nichts zeigte Wirkung und mir gehen nun die Ideen aus, vielleicht weiß einer von euch weiter
  6. i think you can install Moutain Lion the same way like Lion...i've read some posts were people use this tutorial to install M. Lion
  7. hi verdant after a few weeks I finally can boot with the newest chameleon. But now i have a new "problem": booting takes SOOOOOOO long (i dont use KernelCache because when i'm getting still waiting for ..., but thats not the point, this time to boot is okay^^) and it is because of "waiting for DSMOS" i've seen that somehting "sudo chown root:admin /" solved that, but not to me. And some people say that i have to put FakeSMC in /S/L/E and not like you told us in your guide in /E/E, is it okay to put this kext in the system folder??
  8. okay, what i did... to solve the boot problem i have to use the boot File from PC EFI 10.7 (i hope sometimes i will find a chameleon that works for me) ( i also need this boot file on my USB stick, but i cant boot every Time i boot from the USB stick, sometimes i have to change the slots to get it work, but on my hdd i can boot every time with no problems) to get sound working i used Multibiest for Lion (4.2.1) and selected ALC8xxHDA,AppleHDARollback and ALC888, after Update to 10.7.2 i had to do this to get lan working i had to create the extensions.mkext with the nforcelan.kext in it, after reboot lan works perfectly, after that i deleted the Extensions.mkext to get my second Monitor working i used EVOenabler in /S/L/E and after reboot my card works perfect with iCloud there were no Problems, all works great!!! Things ToDo: - chameleon that works for me (until now i must press enter at boot screen because there's no "auto" boot) - maybe sleep, but i didnt tested it and normally i dont use it - nothing really necessary but if i create Extensions.mkext i cant boot, getting still waiting for root device but all i want to do i can and all works great!!! thanks man!!!!
  9. okay...wow...i did it i think:-) i'm now running 10.7.2, Sound working, iCloud working, 2 Monitors working and so on... wow VERY much thanks to you verdant!!!
  10. hiho...i'm again. thats what i've done: i've installed Lion in my first Partition (sound lan usb works great, only ps2( i think i have found a solution) and the ATI graphic didnt work correct (only 1 Monitor, but Maybe i can fix this with chameleon)). The first few times i had to boot with the usb installer, because chameleon doesnt work, so i but back the boot file from PC EFI 10.7 and now i can boot from my Lion HDD i've tried a new version of chameleon (2.1 r1764) but after "Waiting for DSMOS" i'm getting after a few minutes "still waiting for root device" my first prio is to solve this... then i have another question: if i update to 10.7.2, will i get Problems? or can i just install the update or must i change same things before updating? i want this update because of iCloud hope you can help me again^^
  11. no NVEnabler there, but i look for this later i tested it with this bootflag, but in SL I get still waiting for root device and in Lion KernelPanic (IntelCpu...) but what i will do next (after today, because to night I need my SL to watch movies) is to format the whole volume, make 2 partions: 1) Lion 2) SnowLeaopard ( and later, if Lion works correlty, Windows 7) (i have to do this on 1 Volume, becuase my other volumes are toooooo slow^^) because maybe then it works better with it, and SnowLeopard I can install in Minutes without Problems with the boot dvd from Hazard and the USB installer works also great (thanks again^^) when i've done this i'll come back how it works (at this time, some thing goes wrong, for example i cant start TrueCrypt...and so on^^let's make it new, tomorrow^^)
  12. sry cant find something in your SL post, maybe I read it to fast^^ NVEnabler for ATI?? Does this work?? from which package I have to extract it? I have this in /S/L/E but it doestn load, if i load it manuelly there cames an error, that the kext doesnt work other question: my bootloader is on my SL partition, so if I boot into Lion which boot org.chameleon.Boot.plist is used? or which mach_kernel is used?? EDIT: nForceLan seems to work: I created my mkext and now i write from Lion:-) only Problem now is ATI Card and the boot Problem
  13. my partition is active...but same as before, it boot's the loader from my snow leo partition... any idea how to change this? i dont want to delete my SL yet because i often need to boot in there maybe this bring me to some errors: - Sound works(no error^^, i done it with Mulitbeast ( HDAEnabler, Rollback & kext for ALC888) - Settings show 2 monitors ( i have two ) but the second is black, nothing to see, buts its there because i can go with my mouse on it ( but i cant see anything^^) - nForceLan.kext dont work (cant load it (i have it placed in /E/E and in /S/L/E but dont work...)
  14. Servus Leute, habe nach SEHR langem hin und her endlich mal Lion installieren können, booten ging natürlich nich^^(bekomms aber notbedürftig hin) kurze Erklärung: Hab Snow Leopard auf der ersten Partition meiner Festplatte und Lion auf der zweite Partition, beim booten wird bei mir IMMER der bootloader von der ersten Partition ausgeführt. Damit ich nun in Lion komm, muss ich die "boot" Datei im "/" Verzeichnis löschen und die von PC EFI 10.7 nutzten, um dann in SL zu kommen wieder die von 10.6, aber immer in der Partition von SL mein Frage ist jetzt ob ich irgend wie erreichen kann, dass der Bootloader von der Lion Partition genommen wird und nicht der von SL. Optimal wäre das ich dann trotzdem noch in SL booten könnte, im Notfall wieder durch einfaches ersetzten der "boot" Datei. Den ich denke dadurch könnten sich meine Hardware Probleme auch verbessern bzw ich könnte bessern daran arbeiten. Vielen Dank schon mal^^