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  1. Asus G53 Snow lepoard install

    You're right. As far as I checked, Ableton Live is NOT working on Lion. Actually, they're working on a fix and it's in the Beta phase. If you're willing to use your notebook for audio (like myself) I suggest you get it running in 64bit (for full advantage of your 8Gb). Right now, I have Logic 9.1.4 with Apogee One interface, and plugged the HDMI way to 32'' screen so it's brilliant! good luck BTW, i7 2630QM busratio is 20 not 4 and if PCIRootUID=1 won't run, try 0.
  2. Asus G53 Snow lepoard install

    Hi, I got myself a G53SW too. Although I'm not properly answering your post, I suggest you install 10.7. you'll get native support for Sandybride and GTX460. To do so, just follow MaLd0n's guide (lion installation via USB). it's pretty straight forward. For post installation, network is solved with lnx2mac, sound with VoodooHDA 2.7.2, and GPU is native by using GraphicsEnabler=Yes (if you want OpenCL, check out Netkas's instrutions ). I haven't manage to get running neither webcam nor USB3,though. Hope i've helped you