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  1. How to upgrade from iPC 10.5.6 to 10.5.8?

    Had the same problem but using OSX86 tools backup the kernel and once you finish your 10.5.8 update Don't restart go back to OSX86 tools restore your back up kernel. Hope this helps...
  2. Hey guys does anyone know how to fix this issue <still waiting for root device> Thanks in advance!!
  3. 10.5.7 alc889a

    Thanks for the info. I got it working last night with the Chameleon 2.0
  4. I really appreciate the info!! Thanks I got it working the way u said!!!
  5. How to set Model Name 10.5.7

    {fixed} END!
  6. How to set Model Name 10.5.7

    I already did!!! No good Info...
  7. Hey guys I need to set the model name to fix a popping sound I get after 10.5.7 update. Please any advise. Thanks!
  8. GA-EP45C-DS3R

    HDA enabler doesn't work Please re-upload again. Thanks
  9. The file is there under extra , but the computer is name iMac8,1 how can I change it. Thanks
  10. Hey guys I successfully install 10.5.7 and sort of fix the problem cause every time I play some sound at the beginning I hear a popping sound which is annoying. Can any one point me to the correct files I currently have installed 1.6.2a37 4 applied by Kext Helper cause I don't really know much with terminal. Thanks in advance...
  11. 10.5.7 alc889a

    I use the kext helper to install 1.6.2 a37 4 but the problem is that I hear a popping sound before sound
  12. System Profiler Error

    How do you that?? Also will it mess up my usb drives??? Thanks a million!!
  13. Hey guys can anyone guide me I just updated to 10.5.7 and can NOT get time machine or System Profiler to work. Thanks in advance!! Any links ?
  14. 10.5.7 alc889a

    Don't worry I got it working!!