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  1. Anyone have Poor hd video playback?

    Beerkex'd to the rescue! The trick was making sure I deleted any other extensions and using CoreVidia (I had nvinject still in there). I removed the EFI key and string from my boot.plist and installed CoreVidia and now I have full CI & QE support! Thanks again!
  2. Anyone have Poor hd video playback?

    Looks the same, just in a fancy editor. Let's see what beerkex'd has to say.
  3. Anyone have Poor hd video playback?

    Click the button in EFI Studio that says "Boot.plist Editor". I believe that is what Beerkex'd is looking for.
  4. Anyone have Poor hd video playback?

    I am not the original poster, and I hate to thread-jack, but I've had a topic stuck in the moderation que all day now and since I'm having the exact same problem, with nearly the same hardware I thought I might sneak in and see if we can both get our answer in one go. The only difference between me and the original poster is that I have a geforce 8800 GT 512MB. You can check the attachment for my system profile. Below is my com.apple.boot.plist Is this what you were looking for? Hopefully it can help both the original poster and me. Thanks.
  5. I have run into this myself and found that if I plug the monitor into one of the DVI ports I get the black screen, and if I use the other it works. Try using the other port on your video card (you'll have to re-install though from what I've found).
  6. Make sure you are dragging it to the right side of the doc, where the trash can is.
  7. geforce 8800 gt problem

    Did you do anything in particular to get it working? I have an 8800 GT 512MB that I cannot get QE working on.