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  1. Try installing with ktext helper b7. It can be found here:http://cheetha.net/ I use it all the time, it works really well!
  2. Have you got the audio and video drivers by Zenith432 installed? If not than that would be why. The speed up both Leopard and Snow Leopard heaps!
  3. WOW! Nice Work Zenith! Would you mind sharing how?
  4. Virtualize Garageband

    That should be fine. I currently run it on a 2.4GHZ core 2 duo and only 2gb of memory and it runs quite well although there is some slight stuttering of audio, but with you faster processor this probably wont happen and it will run even better! Yes VMware would be the best bet as it has the best support, thanks to Zenith432 and Donk.
  5. You could try using the auto-install package found here:Auto Resolution Installer Do you have VMware fusion 3.0 tools installed? If you do it should just work out of the box, but for any other version below that you must run the modifications in the manual.
  6. If you download and install the guestd_patches from here:http://sourceforge.net/projects/vmsvga2/files/Display/guestd_patches.tar.gz/download then you shall find auto resizing works again. the advantage is that graphics are "accelerated" which basicaly means that there is less work on your CPU and the whole virtual machine runs faster.
  7. Mmm... would that enable qe and ci? Also have you had any luck with your Ensoniq Audio plugin and the slight stuttering issue?
  8. Thanks Zenith, this update improves rendering even more!
  9. Hmm... Looks good, will try when i get a chance. So this will work on the latest version of workstation 6? or is workstation 7 required and if so what version? Thanks Donk!
  10. I have the EXACT same problem, although it also occurs when using scrollbars in finder windows and safari etc. I have tried changing mouse.vusb.enable in the vmx to true and false but it still does not fix it. Host OS: Windows 7 RTM VMWare Workstation e.x.p build-185517 OSX86 10.5.7 iDeneb upgraded to 10.5.8 CPU: T7700 2.4GHZ Core 2 Duo http://pastie.org/639336 has all the info needed Thanks Donk!
  11. I don't think its e.x.p as there is no e.x.p words in the title bar. Though they could have changed that...
  12. Wow! Nice work Zenith! You have done what we have all been wanting to do... Question is, how did you do it?
  13. Remove the <> around the 201 and it should work. Maybe use 501 as the UID as that seems to be the most commonly used one. Try the Audio driver found here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/vmsvga2/fi...tar.gz/download It works really well!
  14. Go into C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation or the directory where VMware is installed. Then find vmware-vmx-debug.exe and delete it or just rename it to like vmware-vmx-debug.bak or whatever you want. That was all I did the remove debugging. Donk also mention copying the file vmware-vmx.exe and renaming it to vmware-vmx-debug.exe but I did not have to do that.
  15. I have it and find that it is no faster unless you use a hack to force the mandatory debugging off. The debugging slows the OSX machine down quite a bit... I have not tried other OS's running under it but i assume its the same. I am only running on a 2.4ghz dual-core laptop though.... If it were running on say a quad core or core i7 i assume it would be alot faster as VMware now supports more than 2 cores on WS7.