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  1. DSDT nVdia (Optimus) removal needed

    Thank you for your support. Good to know for anyone that has any idea how to help in which file the information is located. I've never worked with ACPI tables before so I don't want to risk trying to edit it myself. If anyone has any idea on how to do it properly, that would be the best shot.
  2. DSDT nVdia (Optimus) removal needed

    The attachment is there, and here's the one with the files extensions renamed to AML. DSDT_SSDT(aml).zip
  3. DSDT nVdia (Optimus) removal needed

    At your recommendation I have installed Aida64 and extracted the DSDT & SSDT (7 ssdt tables?) tables using the .bin format and attached them here. Thank you for your support. DSDT_SSDT.zip
  4. Hello. I own a Toshiba Satellite (Model P755-12F) and I've been trying to get Mac OS X working for quite a while with no success. The problem is the video arhitecture ( Intel HD3000 (on CPU) and nvidia optimus 540m). On further research I found out that there is no way to run both at the same time or just the nvidia one on OSX. So, the first thing that I tried was to request a bios unlock on a few forums so I could get access to the advanced options and disable the optimus. I ended up with no results. Then, I tried to use different Intel kexts, but that wouldn't have helped much, cause the bootloader would detect the nvidia card at boot and create further conflicts in the OS. Removing the nvidia (and ati) kexts didn't help much, the OS freezes when it's requested to do an action (randomly) and windows get stuck in plain animations with transparency (still funtional, but screwed up). So I noticed that the nvidia optimus has to be disabled before booting, and there were only 2 ways: DSDT or BIOS. Since the BIOS method failed already and I have no knowledge of DSDT editing, could someone edit my DSDT and remove the nvidia card from it? Thank you DSDT_SSDT(aml).zip