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  1. Alienware M17X

    Yes, but... not Snow Leopard, sorry
  2. Alienware M17X

    Shutdown isn't working for me - any suggestions? Using iAtkosv7 Leopard - everything else works beatifully. Tried the Psystar kext, no luck. TIA!
  3. Alienware M17X

    I've done a successful install of Leopard (iAtkos_7) on my M17x with the following specs: QX9300 Dual 260M SLI 4 GB RAM Bluetooth I followed your guide - thanks very much for posting this! It sees the CPU as an Intel Xeon Quad Core, and recogizes two GPUs (using one). Sounds works great. I primarily use OSX86 to run Everquest Mac edition and it's very smooth with max settings and sound working. My Belkin N52 gamepad works fine as well. Now to properly configure the dual boot - right now I have the OSX HD as the first in boot sequence, and I have to F12 to get Chameleon to come up (thought that was odd) to choose boot drive. I'll do EasyBCD today, assuming that Win7/OSX86 on separate drives won't be an issue. I'll check the HDMI on an external display this evening also.
  4. graphic lag with nvidia 6800

    I'm having similar issues with my i9300 w/7800GTX. I have played with the settings and the one thing that increased performance the most was turing off sound It's now playable @ 1600x1000, but considering I can run EQPC at max settings on the same laptop, it's disappointing to say the least. I've been trying to determine if it's a speedstep issue or perhaps resources being depleted by other hardware. Mind telling me what wireless card your using? I have the Intel 2915, using iwi2200 to make it work - I wonder if using a card that Airport will recognize "natively" would help. Also considered getting a plug-in sound card. Let me know if you have any luck.
  5. I'm not having problems with sound on my iAtkos install - may need to look for a .kext update, I do have the Sigmatel AC97 chip. dgcaste - I'll check the video on an external monitor today and post back Also, what wireless card are you guys using that Airport recogizes without using iwi2200? I'm getting fed up with the issues I'm having + having to have my network unsecured to use it.
  6. I used the iAtkos 5i 10.5.5 for my i9300 w/7800GTX install and after several attempts and help from dgcaste (THANK YOU!) I have it updated to 10.5.6. I chose to use the disk utility to create my two partitions (OSX86 and WINXP). I’ll install XP later. The install from the iAtkos disk was much quicker than my iDeneb v1.4 attempts for whatever reason, which was a relief considering I reinstalled it 3 times. DO NOT rely on the iwi2200 driver and wireless to complete your install. My modem/router was not convenient for connecting my Ethernet port, so I figured I would install iwiDarwin, then install the Leopard graphics update and nvinstaller (since I could not boot in to safe mode and use the wireless). I thought I would be able to do the software update via wireless and then reinstall the video drivers, but software update would hang and lock up my computer. I suspect the video drivers or the wireless connection was causing the issue. On my successful install I stayed in safe mode until after I installed the video kexts at the end. So, I moved my laptop and connected the Ethernet cable and followed dgcaste’s guide step by step. FYI, I downloaded the OSX update (377 MB) by itself, ran OSX86tools to repair permissions and clear caches, and then rebooted the computer and allowed the install to complete. On reboot I used –x flag for safe mode. I tried using Terminal as a super user, and it backed up the old system.kext but would not copy the System9.5.0.kext – it kept saying “Did not copy – System9.5.0 kext is a directory”. So I used OSX86Tools to install the 9.5.0 kext, and then renamed it to system.kext manually in the directory (I had to enable read/write permission in the extensions folder). Then I ran OSX86tools to repair permissions and clear caches again. After that I installed the Leopard graphics update and ran nvinstaller, ran OSX86tools to repair permissions and clear caches AGAIN for good measure, and rebooted (no –x for safe mode). All good – except – my wireless keeps doing the “Airport has a self-assigned IP address” {censored} and will not connect to the internet (I have the Intel Pro 2915 card). I’ve seen countless posts regarding this problem, but no simple solution. Any ideas? Anyway, many thanks to dgcaste for his help here and via email!
  7. I'm going to be installing iAtkos today, and I wanted to get some clarification on when and where to disable the PowerManagement kext. Is this an option at "Customize", or will it be something I need to do in the settings or remove from the Extensions folder before "patching" the rest of the install? Thanks for all your help/efforts!
  8. I may have to do that - I would have initially but iAtkos wasn't as readily available... <sigh>
  9. dgcaste, I have the i9300 w/7800GTX and installed iDeneb 10.5.6 with some success, but nvinstaller created issues for me as well. On my second install I haven't used it, and my card is recognized by the OS and my display is at 1920x1200 - performance is lacking in games however. Did nvinstaller recognize your card without any another changes other than what you noted? I'm still getting sporadic kernel panics on reboot, so obviously all is not well.