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  1. cjm0517

    Acer Aspire 8930-6442

    Thanks for the links. I will try them out sometime (I am taking a break from OSx86 right now).
  2. cjm0517

    Acer Aspire 8930-6442

    Thanks for the info. Finally I get a real answer. Since there is no wireless kexts, I can live without networking. It seems that drivers or kexts don't work for my graphics card, so I use an EFI string. But Core image and Quartz extreme refuse to be enabled. A time machine fix, or a link to one, would help my jumps from windows to mac and back again (I go back to Windows once and a while via wipe & re-install). It seems that the Aspire series does not like OSx86, and Mac OS X does not like Acer at all.
  3. cjm0517

    Acer Aspire 8930-6442

    Does anyone know where I can find a kext for an Intel Wireless/Pro link 5100/5200, or for Realtek Audio, or for a Nvidia 9600m GT. Also, does anyone know how to enable Quartz Extreme or Core Image? My graphics card supports it, but I can't enable it. And, does anyone know how to fix Time Machine? My build is a retail Mac OS X 10.5.6 install updated to 10.5.8. Also, an Atheros kext would help.
  4. cjm0517

    system 7 on pc?

    actually back before Steve Jobs came back and Apple was exploring Clones, they managed to get a very specific pc and a heavily modded System 7 install to boot and run. Looked identical to a 68k Mac
  5. I think it is with the Windows bootloader, normally my BIOS would try to netboot. But, I think I have an idea. Maybe I can install Windows 7 first then Mac OS X.
  6. Thanks for the guide. I finally got it working on my Acer Aspire 8930g. But, there is one bug, When I set the hidden EFI partition as active then reboot, it says "MISSING OPERATING SYSTEM" just after POST. So, I can only boot off the boot CD or Windows 7, and even when I set the Mac OS X partition as active it still says "missing operating system". I've tried installing chameleon again, but it still says "missing operating system". It would be great if I could fix this with some help. Also, does anyone know how to enable Core Image and Quartz Extreme on a Retail OS X install with a Nvidia GeForce 9600m GT?
  7. cjm0517

    2009 Live DVD

    Can anyone package this as a .dmg or a .iso image please? I am kinda new to this and this is my first time trying to use OSx86, and my other attempts have failed (boot-132 (generic.iso), iPCOSx86). It seems that my Acer Aspire 8930g uses a form of UEFI (insyde H2O BIOS) and is apparently incompatible with conventional OSx86 since regular OSx86 is designed for legacy BIOS instead of UEFI. This would be a major help and I would appreciate it very much.
  8. I just got a new Acer Aspire 8930G and need help installing Leopard. I have a Retail Leopard disk (10.5.6), but I do not own a mac or have leopard installed on any computer. I am currently running Windows Vista Home Premium x64 and have over 300 GB of free space. I have tried several methods of boot-132 but they don't work (help modding kexts or a pre- assembled boot-132 disk would be nice). I can't figure out chameleon either. When I use a boot-132 disk, it goes to the choose language screen then freezes or stops at the desktop wallpaper (before install screen) and has the spinning pinwheel of death. I cant move the cursor at all and the keyboard doesn't seem to work. Can anyone help at all? I would prefer the install to be retail so it can last a long time and get updates
  9. cjm0517

    MB 13" Won't boot from DVD or HDD.

    Sorry, that symbol means the same as the old "Sad Mac" logo. Basically, your Mac is badly broken, the MBR is probably screwed up or the bootloader is damaged. And it sounds like the MBR is the culprit about the never deleting partitions, it sounds badly damaged.