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    Will be the right system for CorelDaw
  2. Greeeeeaaaaaaaat! I am typing this on my acer8730G and this PS2 Keyboard was a real problem! Thank You for this great Job! will go and buy an internal harddisk now!
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    Netgear WG111 v2 USB dongle

    I am using the WG111v2, too and it works from me. There are Realtek drivers for this Network adapter available, but be please be aware, there are 2 different drivers. The WG111v2 contains the chipset RTL8187L, while the WG111v3 needs the drivers for the RTL8187B. With the wrong drivers You will have the bouncing icon, without any connection. But the Realtek drivers and special the Client Utility are really nasty. My connection breaks in random times, everything from 2min to maximum 63min. Yesterday I found on the Netgear support page a driver for Mac OS X, which seems to keep my network connection stable. First I noticed problems to save my profile, after every reboot Ihad to enter the WEP key, what was the same annoying like to unplug my USB dongle every 5 30min. But today maybe I solved the problem: The Netgear utility want to store its profiles in /Libary/Preferences/RtProfilesListV2.plist , which is marked as readonly for all users. From the Realtek installation I've got a file with the same name in ~/Libary/Preferences After deleting this file from the Homedir and from /L/P and creating the correct and new file with my wep keys, it seem to work and remebers my profiles. The tests are going on. These unstable connections are real annoying, special while it is running stable in Windows and I switched my boot sequence back to windows. With a stable connection I will keep in my Mac . I Love this OS and I really thank You all guys for Your hard work to keep this board online and bringing this great, fast and userfriendly OS to the PC World I hope this will help a little. ftp://downloads.netgear.com/files/NETGEAR_wg111v2_MacOS10.5_v1.1.0.zip