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  1. Hi , I've been using a hackintosh for many years with snow leopard. I made the mountain lion USB and went to boot to it. The bootloader came up and asked me to choose the drive and I chose the USB but after that it just restarted the computer. No error codes or anything. Does that snd like a USB boot issue or a hardware issue? My mb is a little old: asrock 4core 133 esata2 Intel core 2duo 3ghz nvidia GeForce 8600 gt Any suggestions would be great. Thanks, josh
  2. I have a SATA Lite ON DVD burner that does not always appear as a drive in my hackintosh. Sometimes it will show up and I can use it to burn dvd or watch a dvd while other times it wont. I could not find any kexts for a dvd drive so I'm thinking it isn't needed, or is it needed? Thanks, Josh
  3. Hi, I used nvinject as my driver for nvidia card. I cant seem to find a working link anymore, does anyone have a new link or a recommended nvidia kext? Thanks, Josh
  4. Any recomended SATA cards

    unfortunately my only pcie slot is blocked my extra large graphics card. I was looking at this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...4-022-_-Product It is a full PCI but, it doesn't mention the chip set. Thanks, Josh
  5. Hi, I need to add a SATA PCI card for my hackintosh. Is there specific ones that I should look for, or would pretty much any work? Thanks, Josh
  6. I just recently started getting random apperances of a blue screen. My mouse would just freeze, blue screen would flash on both my screens, go away and everything would be back to normal. It would then happen again. I havent added any new hardware or software. Im running Kalyway 10.5.6 and I have had this hackintosh for over a year working and never had this issue. Any help would be great. Thanks, Josh
  7. How can i get firewire to work?

    Well, What I did was just buy a separate firewire card. It was $10 on newegg and it works great.
  8. audio In does not work

    Does anyone have any links to info on this issue, this must be common but I can not find anything on the site that ever answers this issue. Thanks, Josh
  9. audio In does not work

    Hi, I just bought a mic headset and the line in wont recognize the mic. The sound preferences shows no line in options, "No input devices found". I'm using the drivers that came with iPC 10.5.6. I also installed an ALC888 driver I got from searching but then the audio out no longer works. Its weird because in the sound preferences, there are now options for both line in and line out. But no sound comes out. I have no since installed AzaliaAudio, sound out works, but line in still does not. Any help would be great. Thanks, Josh
  10. Well, I'm not apposed to doing it manually. I know how to install a kext, I just don't know where to find the drivers that it was using. The audio is ALC888 by Intel, it is built into my motherboard (Asrock 4core 133 esata2)
  11. I usually used osx86tools and when I clicked on install drivers it gave me a window and automatically showed me a list of drivers that matched my sys parts and I could then click on download and install. I'm looking for kexts for audio card and video card. For the video card it's an nvidia and I downloaded nvinject but it doesn't enable quartz. Thanks Josh
  12. Hi, Since osx86 tools is no longer being updated, and for SL. Is there an app similar to its downloader? Where I can download and install a kext/driver? Thanks, Josh
  13. Hi, I received an error when I was installing snow leopard. it said it was not able to install all of the files to the HD. I went on anyway, it has started up, but it crashes all the time, and at different points. When I mean crashing, i don't mean the error message in 50 different languages, this one has errors displayed with random codes on the entire screen. Would it have something to do with the installing error, i cant seem to get around that error either. I was able to get leopard working and still using it. Also, I installed it on an existing hackintosh system but the DVD is the real retail disc. This was the tutorial I was using : http://www.insanelymac.com/2009/08/how-to-...-pc-hackintosh/ Thanks, Josh
  14. blinking cursor during new install attempt

    More Info. I tried installing windows 7 and that worked. Now there is no blinking cursor at startup. There is still no darwin prompt to boot from the iPC DVD. When i choose to boot to the DVD, its a black screen and then goes right to windows 7. HMMmm. Thanks, Josh
  15. Hi, I have built a new computer, with specific parts that have been mentioned as compatible in the wiki. This is for my moms computer and I cant install. I'm using iPC 10.5.6. I get a blinking cursor when the computer goes to the DVD, for a few seconds its still blinking then goes to the HD and to windows. My plan is to wipe of windows and just have Mac there. i have installed iPC on my other hackintosh successfully. Also, I have been able to boot to other boot DVDs that I have made (Windows 7, MS DOS) so It appears that I do make boot discs properly. My specs for this computer are : Intel Celeron 1.8GHZ ECS G31T-M(1.0) LGA 775 Intel G31 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard Any input would be great. Thanks, Josh