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  1. HIS 4890 Fan Noise

    Still no solution to this? Experiencing the same thing. 4890 and 4870 crossfire. 4870 is 2nd card, running at 100% fan.
  2. A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890

    The Auto-adjust features doesn't "fill" it out either. And there is no option to "stretch" the image, just move it around.
  3. A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890

    Is there any solution to the resolution not "filling" the whole screen? I have a samsung 2233sw connected to my hd4870. It's running 1920x1080 at 60hz (optimum resolution of the lcd monitor). I'm running it at analog signal (VGA) as my hd4870 is palit 1gb: 1 DVI, 1 HDMI, 1 display port, 1 VGA interface. The only way to make it display an image to the LCD screen is by using the VGA port, using the HDMI and the DVI port would have a "blank" image after the apple logo on boot. Anyway, the resolution doesn't fill the screen. it gives both left and right sides of the lcd some "black space". It is as if the ratio isn't enough to fill the screen. In Windows, a resolution of 1920x1080 is just fine. Is there any solution to this? Or should I just bear with a "square" screen.
  4. via vinyl audio anyone got a soltuion?

    Do you have drivers for the VT1708s that work under 10.5.6? I installed and tried several: Azalia audio, ACL1200, ACL888, still no go. I don't see the card in the system profiler even. =( Help! I have an ICH10 motherboard, Asus P5Q SE PLUS (the plus version has the VT1708s, the non-plus P5Q SE has the realtek one).
  5. Hi everyone. I did an installation of iPC 10.5.6 on my motherboard Asus P5Q SE plus. Please note that this uses a VIA VT1708s chipset for the sound. Everything else is working except this one. I have tried the AzaliaAudio.pkg (which claim to work), ALC888Audio.mpkg, and even using the kext helper on installing the kexts in ALC1200_1056. Still, no sound. When I go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES - SOUND there is no output and input devices. Bios setting has the HD AUDIO enabled and the front panel setting to HD AUDIO. I have no front panel so there is nothing connected to the motherboard pins for that interface. I have known good working headphones connected to the green port at the back so I can hear it just in case it does generate sound. Please help. Again this is a VIA VT1708s and not the REALTEK in Asus P5Q SE (no plus). Hope you guys could help me out.