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  1. ALPS Glidepad beta driver

    News in regards to the continuation of the development of this driver, it seems to be exactly what us laptop users need. the only problem is that this is still in beta stages of development and there are many issues yet to be resolved, as can be seen by the ratio of working users/not working fully users. I would not normally ask but it seems to have been a small while without any updates. This is a truly worth while project and i hope it continues untill there is a driver that all of us ALPS users can use, without errors and bugs.
  2. ALPS Glidepad beta driver

    any more news to report?
  3. British Keyboard Layout

    i have the same problem, did you ever get it fixed?
  4. Callisto Technical Discussion

    006 doesn't work on my Inspiron 6000x300 mobility 5460 card. can someone send me 0003 as i know that works Many Thanks tdenness@orange.net
  5. Dell Inspiron 6000 macosx?

    Hi mate, I see you have used the callisto patch to get a resolution of 1280*800. can you send me either: a) the contents of the final info.plist from /calist_latest/callisto.ktext/ with the 128 edid code in it OR the EDID code OR c) how to get it on the inspiron (as when i use MAM, i cant get it as windows has used the default driver) Many thanks, nightmare66 P.S. tried powerstrip as well and i get the message that dcc is not supported by the driver or registry. What values have you been using to get the 1280*800 resolution on a inspiron 6000
  6. Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 driver

    Thanks for all your efforts, i cant wait for the outcome.