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  1. need to find out the name of a type of instrument

    hey there, i don't know that song , but you are describing a feature called ARPEGGIO , that most synths have ... so its not any peticular instrument, just go around and look for synths with that function.
  2. Straaaange problem in Logic Express 7.2

    go on . anyway, i tried to find the website where i read about it , but can't find it with google, sorry .
  3. Straaaange problem in Logic Express 7.2

    i remember reading that sometimes it happens to powerpc users, and it was not a mouse or usb problem , but an ATI graphic cards issue. The solution was to replace the IOPCIFamily.kext from 10.4.4 , but these days it probably has been fixed. try getting that kext from 10.4.4 or update to 10.4.7... it has always been like that ?
  4. Straaaange problem in Logic Express 7.2

    hey there, wich version of tiger are you using ? i remember someone with that kind of problem before in 10.4.5, i think. and it was related to IOPCIFamily.kext , try replacing with an older or newer version of that kext, in your extensions folder. good luck