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  1. For sale: Intel i7 920 @ 3.22 GHz Memory: 12 GB Bus Speed: 633 MHz Graphics card, nVidia 9800GT 512 Mother board is the EVGA x58 SLI 1 TB WD Black HDD Black tower w/ blue led's, big power supply. There's a DVD/CD writer drive, too. I built this to beat the $4500 Mac Pro my friend bought and this thing is a beast, very stable, built for $1700, asking $1200. I'm switching to a laptop, so it's time to sell the desktop. I've used it mainly for graphics and video work, it's a badass rig and won't disappoint. PM me if interested, thanks. Bill
  2. I have an i7 machine that's been running for over a year and I love it. Now I want to get a new machine -- is it best to start fresh with a new hard drive + retail install, or can I use my current main HDD in the new machine? Can I use my current HDD to boot the new machine? Or should I prepare the new HDD in the old machine, then transfer over? Basically, I'm wondering the best way to get the new machine up and running based on the success of the last one.... Any thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Are you still looking for a machine? I have exactly that machine ready for sale. PM me for more details.
  4. I'm running that board with the i7 920 with no issues using Chameleon for 10.6.5
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    Hi, I've been on the forum for a year but haven't posted yet. Time to get building another rig... -okstuv