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  1. This is excellent! I've updated and tested, OSX will boot and see the sata drive. =) Thanks for you post! Now the hard part... the customization screen. Have you got it working? I have an asrock nvidia ION 330 and I'm attempting 10.5.6. I have xbmc live and windows 7 also running on this box too. EDIT: I did have to use the CPUS=1 argument.
  2. I just bought an asrock NVIDIA ION 330 and I was hoping to multiboot it with OSX, windows and ubuntu. On boot up with my 10.5.6 installation CD (non retail) I got the classic "still waiting for root drive message". I tried many suggested tips tricks and hints but could not get it working... until I cheated. This work around requires you have a PC that will boot with the OSX install CD. I put an IDE drive in my desktop PC (not my askrock ion, it has no ide support) I connected the sata drive that I wanted OSX on to my desktop using a usb drive adapter. Then I booted with the 10.5.6 CD. This bypassed the still waiting for root drive issue, then I used the disk util to partition and selected it as my target drive and it installed. I have yet to get OSX to boot all the way to the desktop but its a WIP.
  3. I've been disappointed by superNZB and Unison. Can anyone recommend a good news group reader for OSX 10.5.6 that can handle multiple servers and NZB files? So far I see no reason to keep using MS except for newgroup use.
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    Vista bootloader files

    I got it working now and I'm very happy with results so I'm not going to change it but thank you very much for your reply.
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    Vista bootloader files

    correction it does work
  6. p0rnstar

    Vista bootloader files

    I just tried vista 64 boot folder and its not the same as the 32 bit version. =(
  7. This should be a pretty straight forward yes no +little info answer. Background: Windows XP (sata drive) OSX86 (ata 100) Both work well, I simply want to add a boot manager. I have a legal vista CD and attempted to copy the windows/boot directory to my XP drive. EasyBCD says I'm missing the subfolder pcat/. I can not see this folder on the CD. Do I actually have to install vista to get these files? I really don't want to do that. I hate vista and I'm happy with XP. BTW I want to say a big thank you to everyone on this forum, if it wasn't for this forum I would have never gotten OSX86 working on my IntelD915 mobo. I didn't even have to post, there is just so much info here and its so well structured that I found all the info I needed without having to register until now. =)