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  1. For anyone experiencing problems, take a look here and there.
  2. Hi guys I've started discussing some of what you're talking about here with iPoco via PMs, I'm bringing some thoughts here too: Hagar's right. I think that you should take the forum offline for a weekend, get the team together and reconsider: - You've grown big. 1m posts is the first turning point for any kind of forum where decent admin/maintenance skills are required. You need some decent db optimization/maintenance routines done weekly (at least). - Categories/Boards: you're pretty much covering the whole universe. Do you really need/want all of them? - Topics: you've way more gigantic posts than any board software would tolerate. Even vBulletin starts choking on large threads. You're getting serious hiccups from this. You have some pure quality threads from people who took time to research & document what would take say 2-5 pages and in between 50 pages from posters who quote a whole dang page to ask what's answered in the 1st post. Drag for the one who documents. - As for new members/OT hell/spam/hijacking, you should come up with a fixed set of rules that would pretty much predict what you'll get. If you continue to pamper users you won't get anywhere, if you remind them the rules you're going to get more and more quality of posts/topics/forum. Just an anecdote for comparison: I once locked a thread from a user asking a question covered by our faq. He came back to retaliate like "Some advice, if people need help............help them if it means giving them a link to another post then do it. Look at insanleymac. theres many questions on there repeated but people help each other out and guide each other" (meaning screw search, someone will give me a link @insanely while I post a redundant thread @insanely)". Now unless you guys have time for this kind of spoonfeeding, I only see pure laziness yielding redundancy/OT havoc. You might also like to re-evaluate the whole thing, is it still any fun for you? Members of the team who've grown bored or changed interests won't be of much help. You might want to revive the team or you might find out that you want to drop the whole idea. Anyone still active in your team, feel free to catch up with iPoco about our discussion so far and let me know if you'd like to discuss further about it here or elsewhere.
  3. rocksteady

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    oh boy plagiarism+paraphrasing galore have it your way pax universalis ps: could a kind moderator move our comments and clean up to let rekursor's steps of progress make sense?
  4. rocksteady

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    !? Oh mighty Zeus! that sounds too Machiavellian for my taste but you -just like anyone else- are free to play god-mode divide+conquer all you like. exposure !? i never took post-count seriously, is it a quality indicator nowadays? offensive!? is time-saving offensive nowadays too? popcorn? nah! let's get some drinks Why don't you start a thread with a title that would imply a general discussion about the Hackintosh (and not only?) community/culture? I'd sure enjoy joining, we both have memories of other hacking projects form past days. Bring our scientific, philosophical, critical thinking and any other views there? Just save me your excessive use of the wink smiley please. Joking aside, Pax Universalis Waiting for a fresh thread, this one's way OT already...
  5. rocksteady

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    a-haa, we could roll out a tv spot and start spamming left+right... people will go where the devs publish, people raid a ton of forums to find some kind of answer.. if people are ok with wasting time, that's fine you can share your thoughts on what should be done/changed if you have a clear picture about this
  6. rocksteady

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    or even better, take it where it belongs to? we'd like users to ask questions in one single place to maintain sanity...
  7. rocksteady

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Hold on tight Gents, We're getting together, laying out the basics to rock + roll out some 1st-class stuff
  8. rocksteady

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    rekursor, if I were moderating this forum I'd have given you a special "pacifist of the month" badge under your username, thinking twice about it, I'll do it for you on the Chameleon forum when we're done with the upgrades Apologies pm'ed, misunderstandings trashed, Now let's produce some 1st-class stuff and have future discussions like this one @ the upcoming dedicated place.
  9. rocksteady

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Pardon? We've had enough of a FUDFest already, don't you think? And how come mature educated persons drop racial slurs? I do not understand what you're after. If it's anything personal you can level straight+easy with that specific person(s), no? Want your own name on your own lollipop? Why don't you open your own dedicated thread/blog/forum? We'll come back, read you and congratulate you. Want to join our efforts? You're welcome to do so. What's so cool about trying to divide a project into "camps"?
  10. rocksteady

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    He will Just a tad bit of more patience Gents We're busy upgrading the kitchen
  11. rocksteady

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Holly !@#$ batman! Let's talk about weather maybe? or the new HelloKity box? or how come heavy-baby experience requires trash-talking and mental masturbation these days? We're all experts, PhDs, OpenSoars and talk about a comm-unity eh? Anyone prefers to have his very own name on his very own lollipop? That's fine go make your very own lollipop Anyone else prefers to contribute and make the existing lollipop super-fresh? Stop bitching and get your hands dirty in the kitchen Pick whatever you like and stick to it, what cannot be done is have the same lollipop broken into a zillion of pieces and eat it too.. or just forget about it, let's all go back behind our internets and start acting like a bunch of monkeys arguing over the banana in the sky
  12. rocksteady

    Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Right! And since when your REAL Macs have 0s in the first fields? C'mon people, get real
  13. rocksteady


    Working fine here too (P5Q-EM / Q6600 / Asus BIOS ver2203) Cheers FACP_r2_A_M_I__OEMFACP_7000908_MSFT_97.aml.zip
  14. rocksteady

    Master Chief's P5K PRO ACPI Warfare

    so kool old-skool: i haven't seen such a nicely commented work for a long time MC thank you for your efforts, i never found time to wrestle with ACPI but your commented examples helped me grasp the basics in a few hours congratulations for wrestling to keep a quality thread here too (i never really figured why this place attracts people who quote a whole dang page in order to provide a monosyllabic answer) moderators: please time-bomb this reply and feel free to delete it, i'm known for fighting spam in a different forum, just wanted to congratulate MasterChief btw: since you asked, my hack boots after 9revs to 10.6.2 (w/ Dev Tools), 6 revs to 10.6.2 (w/o Dev Tools), after 4-5revs to 10.5.8 (w/o Dev Tools) (asus p5q-em, intell q6600, 8GB RAM, AHCI setup (no SSDs, just traditional rotational machinery, no OCing, stock speeds all the way, OS X @ 32bit mode) )
  15. ^funny enough this is Safari's fit, try with Camino and you'll download just fine Update: Realtek's kext confirmed working w/ Realtek 8111C (on a P5Q-EM). Both X.5.8 / X.6.1 setups walk & talk full Bonjour.