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  1. Indeed, thanks for that clarification. In my (Little) experience from 10.5.6 to now, install hackintosh never been easier ! Thank you
  2. Hi MrJanek, and congratulations for your great work. Thank you too. I installed Snow last week by following this guide and everything went smooth. Today, I retries and it seems that the bug of Post 17 reappears:No way to get the directory "Gigabyte" on the key or even the installation disk. Yet I downloaded the latest package ... any idea? Thank's again ! @+
  3. Congratulations, Man! It's a wonderful tutorial, simple, concise, clear, and at the same time interesting enough to tempt the noob that I am going further. Perfect balance for beginning ! Thank you !
  4. Rickko

    Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    Hi, I have the same card (MSI GeForce 9400 GT), with the same distro, working perfectly. All I did was: 1- Select in the "Install / Video Drivers" this option: "MacBook Pro Latest NVIDIA kexts" 2- Make a GFX String with OSx86Tools for my card and apply it. Very easy, even for me that is a real noob ! PS: For the GFX String, you'll need a NVCAP String. I dumped the bios of my 9400 under Windows with Nibitor, obtained a *.rom file, from wich I extracted the NVCAP string with NVCAP Maker. Hope this will help... @+