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  1. Hi, I have a similar issue. My MB is a G31m-ES2l which has an ALC883, had hoped that with my 9400GT card I could get both video and audio down the HDMI port. Unfortunately every kext I've tried doesn't work with this and I am not knowledgeable enough to modify things myself. just have to wait until someone smart enough and needy wnough does it! best of luck Gary
  2. Realtek ALC883 - Everything is OK

    Hi, Have just installed this on my Hackintosh - Ideneb 1.4, Gigabyte G31M-E2SL Motherboard. Find that Speakers work when connected to rear ports, I am able to switch to headphones and Microphone when they are plugged in to front panel by using preferences panel - I have to internal microphone ports showing in sound input section (however sound panel does not say "Headphones" in output section). SPDIF out in my system is plugged in to Asus 9400GT video card for HDMI out. This does not work even though HDMI video does work - maybe due to video card?? Is there another option I could try - would like a Line In for Garage Band guitar - would it be OK to plug guitar in to microphone? Used 3 ports digital out when installing (this is what motherboard has - maybe worth a try as 6 ports digital out?? Sorry if this a bit noob like, but I've bee a windows user forever and am just getting to grips with this stuff. cheers Gary
  3. Best add on sound option ?

    I have a Hackintosh build comprising: Asus P5KPL-CM mb (bios 602) Asus 512mb 9400GT Video 4GB Kingston Ram 200gb Seagate Sata Drive Pioneer 216 DVD Antec NSK 6580 Case PS2 Keyboard USB Mouse Asus Wireless Network Card PCI WL-138G Did a flawless install with Ideneb 1.4, Everything worked first time including 2 channel sound from rear outputs using Azalia Kext, Networking etc. The sound though is very limiting - no inputs for microphone, or spdif output for home theater use etc. What would be the best option for adding quality sound? There is no real Hackintosh support for the onboard Via VT-1708b sound. Have researched the Asus U1, but it has no outputs for my 5.1 speakers (has spdif output) but my speakers are analogue. Is there a card that would give me front panel compatibility? Full 5.1 analogue output? Spdif Output for my HT amp? Microphone/line input?Easy install? TIA cheers Gary
  4. Hi, not sure if this is the right forum - sorry if it's not.... just performed an install with IDeneb 1.4. Almost everything works perfectly: Motherboard Asus P5PKL-CM 4gb ram Seagate Sata hd Pioneer 116 sata dvd Asus EN9400GT 512mb graphics card Asus WIFI card Video, Networking, Internet, Updating etc all work flawlessly. Only 2 minor issues: Shutdown does not work - OS shuts down but computer stays on - how can I fix this without reinstalling? Saw another post where it was suggested to go to Apps/Ideneb/Pacifist and browse to fix from Ideneb cd, however I don't seem to have "Pacifist" installed....... Sound is only in stereo using Azalia kext. This Motherboard has "VIA VT1708B 8 -Channel High-Definition Audio CODEC" and I can't find a kext for it. Can't get microphone working, multi channel sound or front of box audio connectors. Help would be much appreciated cheers Gary