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  1. I am facing screen garble on 1st boot from clover. I replaced the whole EFI folder as merging didn't work. Any suggestions?
  2. Just in order to help others that run into the same issue, as a workaround you can setup clover to boot automatically to one of the OSes. That way you won't be stuck on the boot screen. After following the guide and using the supplied config.plist clover was set up to timeout after 5 seconds. However the boot partition name in config.plist was wrong so the timeout never happened. I had to set it to "SYSTEM".
  3. (surfaceosx) Is there any way to enable touch, stylus or even volume buttons on clover? I always have to connect a usb device to select OS.
  4. (surfaceosx) I have a very strange problem with an external monitor. If I use a mini displayport->VGA adapter the monitor every 2-3 minutes loses its signal for a few seconds. My surface is dual boot. This does not happen when I boot into windows. The adapter works fine with my macbook. I have also tried a mini displayport-> displayport cable on the surface since my other monitor has displayport input and it works fine even under OS X. Strange... Surface seems not to like the displayport->VGA adapter. Any suggestions?
  5. You need to install drivers. Check first post.
  6. Someone should update the first post because nothing is mentioned there about bluetooth.
  7. (surfaceosx) I have managed to install OS X thankfully. However bluetooth is not working. I have an Apple wireless keyboard I need to use. Am I missing something?
  8. OK problem. With the dvd drive this time. If I insert a disc and let it spin until it stops (if I am not using the drive) then the drive is lost. Leopard doen't see it and when I go to about this mac it says "no drives". I have to shutdown and then it gets reckgnized. Before that the drive is totally unresponsive, the eject button does not work and it's like it has no power at all.
  9. No problems at all. Although there are might be problems that I haven't found yet. Like time. I didn't know that it was not working until I decided to try it. Or the "about this mac". I didn't even know that there was a fix for that. In the first post it has chipset drivers, usb drivers, etc. Are all these necessary?
  10. I am a bit confused with all the drivers and fixes that are presented on the first post. I have a P5Q. I have installed: graphics kext audio kext lan kext "about this mac fix" and "time machine fix" Am I missing any drivers of fixes that I should have installed?
  11. I can confirm that happening too. It 's like after a period of inactivity the audio system turns off and when a sound needs to be reproduced it wakes up. Like turning on the computer with the speakers on. When the audio card is enabled you hear a "click" noise. I believe that's the reason of this.
  12. Thank you for the interest. Fortunetely I have already solved it. It was the audio drivers or the "no audio drivers" that created the problem. I have a P5Q and retail installation. I booted in safe mode and reinstalled the audio drivers. Perfect boot after that. Hope this helps someone that runs into the same problem.
  13. Please help. I just installed 1.5.7 through auto update and when the system boots after the apple logo I always get a kernel panic. Whan can I do?? Please help...