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    HDAV 1.3 Slim

    I have snow leopard working perfectly on my HP Elite M9040n. Audio is the only issue I have left remaining. I have a audio card installed. The name of it is Xonar HDAV 1.3 Slim. Has anyone heard of any drivers for this card? If i cannot get these drivers is there any way someone could make it for me. I am not a programmer so I have no idea on how to write something of my own. Please HELP! Thank You
  2. yoboy94

    HP M9040n

  3. yoboy94

    HP M9040n

    Help Please!!!
  4. yoboy94

    HP M9040n

    If someone could direct me to a guide to install snow leopard onto my hp m9040n If it helps the link to the specs follows. For Specs Click Here
  5. Thanks i will try a fresh install and then try to restore from my time capsule
  6. yoboy94

    Blue Screen of Death on Mac?

    no it just happens randomly when I'm not shutting down or anything like that
  7. Okay when i log in everything is all-right. Then slowly a film covers the screen (after a while). After maybe an hour a completely blue screen is present and i cannot see anything. To fix it i have to reboot. Has anyone heard of this before? I think it might be a problem with installing the Chameleon RC2 bootloader
  8. Hello everyone, Is there any way that i can install snow leopard after it comes out on my hackintosh (currently leopard 10.5.8) without losing any of my files, application etc.? I was thinking maybe using time capsule but who knows? Please i really can't lose my files and applications
  9. um how do you delete the text because in this step "remove both of these lines" because i have no idea Thanks
  10. yoboy94

    Kernel Panic in VMWARE

    how do you rename it mach_kernel and does this affect future updates to mac osx
  11. Evertime i try to use VMWARE my computer goes into kernel panic Anyway to stop this?
  12. I have two hard drives in my vista computer and have installed OSX86 on one of them. I want to rum vmware on the Mac side controlling the Windows i have installed on my other hard drive. Is there any way to do this? If you need any specs tell me what you need and i will post them. I really need this because i am going to be going away to college and want to control my home computer (mac and vista) through screen sharing or VNC. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!