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  1. so you want to play the files on any player? well this is gonna be quite long..so you can get this program called MACdec, and what it does is split the AC3 to 6 descrete channels..then you compile it back with compressor and you can choose what output format you want it as...hope this helps..
  2. err..it would be better if you got a dvd ripper..like mactheripper you can then convert the vob file to a aiff or wav
  3. Butterdime

    Sound Libraries

    hi, im looking for sound applications and libraries..i've been collecting stuff from Sound ideas and Hollywood Edge..im also looking for applications like Native Instruments-the reaktor and Reason...i've tried the torrents but it takes forever...are there any sites which provide direct downloads? or sites where one can share their stuff?
  4. Butterdime

    Surround Sound from MacBook

    yup..im using a maudio firewire 410..6 descrete channels work better than them usb ones...