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  1. C2D MBP Mouse freeze when resuming from Standby

    Well, there is a hack. You can disable/enable it from the command line after waking your MacBook from sleep. The hack involves using devcon.exe and an automated task. I posted it here. I sure hope Apple releases a better driver, though...
  2. Input Remapper 1.0.01 Beta

    I may have found a work-around for the unresponsive trackpad after sleep issue in Vista. I use the Apple driver (manual install as pr this thread). Work-around: Locate and download DevCon.exe from Microsoft.com. It is a utility for performing device management from the command line. In my case I saved devcon.exe to %SYSTEMDIR%. Create a task in Task Scheduler with trigger "On an event". Log: System, Source: Power-Troubleshooter, Eventid: 1. You need two actions: Start a program: Devcon.exe. Parameters: disable "USB\VID_05AC&PID_0218&REV_0060&MI_01" and Start a program: devcon.exe. Parameters: enable "USB\VID_05AC&PID_0218&REV_0060&MI_01". The hardware ID of your trackpad may be different than mine, so you must check it and copy it from Device manager. The task should run with "highest privileges" (to avoid User Account Control messing things up) and it must be able to run any time. A rather clumsy solution, but its the best I can do...