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  1. Intel D945GCLF

    Volendo farmi un hackintosh a basso costo ho trovato come possibile soluzione questa scheda madre della intel (D945GCLF) che monta un atom 230 e costa sui 60 euro. Secondo voi posso trovare di meglio con 60 euro (scheda madre + cpu)?
  2. Ciao a tutti ù, ho un vecchio pc con asus a7s8x-mx e cpu amd sempron. Avete notizie circa la compatibilità e la fattibilità di un hackintosh con questa scheda madre? Ciao, grazie
  3. Ciao a tutti, ho alcuni dubbi che leggendo qua' e la mi son venuti: 1) le uniche componeneti che influiscono sulla compatibilita' sono scheda madre, scheda grafica e scheda audio? Quindi cpu, hd, ram posso montare qualsiasi cosa giusto? 2) va bene anche un hd ide? 3) va bene un masterizzatore dvd ide (samsung)? Chiedo questo perche' vorrei riutilizzare le componenti che ho gia' su un pc vecchio... Ora passiamo alle cose che devo comprare. L'obbiettivo e' spendere il meno possibile per avere pero' un installazione facile e 100% funzionante. Quindi: 4) Mi consigliate una scheda madre 100% funzionante con l'ultima release di Snow Leopard il piu' economica possibile? Tenete conto che userei audio e vga integrata nella scheda madre... 5) Come processore sempre il piu' economico cosa posso montare? Grazie mille spero riusciate a rispondere a tutto!
  4. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    Seems nobody follow the topic... Please coconup can you reupload the boot-cd, the link in first page is expired... thanks
  5. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    Hi to all, anyone has tried to install Snow Leopard? How it works? Tnx for the reply!
  6. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    what's the difference between sleep and deep sleep? BTW my 1.11 bios is from hasee because of the fullscreen logo at the startup.
  7. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    OK coconup, tnks for the hint! I'll keep you updated on my progresses...
  8. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    I don't think to have the advent bios, I think to have the hasee bios (1.11). Later I will check and I tell you... However pressing fhe boot to access the bios I noticed there are very few options in the bios, maybe I hit the wrong key (F2)... My system is very stable with the t5750 core 2 duo 2.0GHz, 4GB of DDR2 667 and 320GB hard drive, I tried crysis warhead on xp sp3 with no problems. edit: I checked with everest and I found to have the phoenix bios 1.11 @cairb21: I don't understand what distribution are you now using and if the graphic card is ok or not... and what else are not working? Also: there is many distribution, kalyway, ideneb, iaktos, etc... what of these can you suggest to me? I searched the forum but is so confusional that I don't know from where start and considering that my internet connection is very slow and downloading a distribution will take very long I want to download the right distribution!
  9. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    Thank you very much coconup! I'll appreciate so much!!
  10. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    I've the 1.11 bios on my hasee q250. This week end I'll try to install leopard I'm new so I hope it will be easy... Tormentor if you find a way to reduce the noise with a different fan tell me please! Anyone tried to install an internal bluetooth module?
  11. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    up: Anyone can confirm that the fan remain always on?
  12. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    Anyone can confirm that the fan remain always on? @cairb21: coconup seems dosen't has problems like you... did you asked him?