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  1. andrew.j.aguirre

    Installing on SSD

    Hello there. I am having an issue that I am not quite sure where to go from here. About a month ago I was up and running with High Sierra running on an SSD. Then a week or two later (after what I can only assume was an nVidia web driver update), I was unable to start the OS. I was getting an Apple loading screen and that would eventually, after several minutes, supposedly go into High Sierra. I have three monitors and all of them would exit from power save mode and go into a ready state, however would be all black and a cursor on the main monitor. I would be able to move it but as soon as I click the mouse button it would disappear leaving me with all black screens and input being unresponsive. Luckily I have a second drive as a backup macOS installation for situations like this so I can boot into it and make changes to fix what ever I need to. Nothing that I tried would let me boot into the SSD High Sierra. After some playing around, and making some deals with the devil, I have completely updated my backup hard drive to High Sierra, including the recent supplemental software update and nVidia web drivers. However, I still cannot get my SSD drive to start like it should. I have tried doing a complete reinstall, and restored from several Time Machine backups from a varying degree of dates. However, at best, I get the Apple loading screen, it slowly fills up after starting halfway through, and then all of the monitors power into a ready state with just a cursor on black screen. And still, as soon as I click the mouse button the cursor disappears. The SSD is converted to AFPS and I can copy two and from the drive. It was working before from the get-go, only stopping a couple of weeks after upgrading. Is there something else I could be missing that would make it run properly from a normal HDD and not SSD? Thank you!
  2. andrew.j.aguirre

    What is the best Web Browser for you, and why?

    I have an iPhone and iPad, so for Continuity-sake, Safari. I would love it if Chrome would have Keychain access. But, for the Apple ecosystem, they have trapped me into Safari,
  3. Thank you! I double checked to do all of these things, and although I did use an updated version of FakeSMC, I did copy and replace with the one you linked to, just in case. It worked! I was able to upgrade to High Sierra on my machine. Thank you very much!
  4. I am getting the same error. I have tried using a later version of FakeSMC.kext, disabling graphics card, and re downloading the installer several times. Nothing seems to get past that error.
  5. andrew.j.aguirre

    Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    I tried updating to High Sierra last night. The installer seemed to run just fine, it rebooted, went into the installer to complete it on boot up. But, after the installation, the drive was not mountable. Thankfully, I have a backup installation of OS X that I could boot into. So I did, went into Disk Utility, and the SSD had two unnamed partitions. I tried to Repair and Verify the drive, but it just made it into one large partition. Thankfully, Time Machine got me back up and running, but the first venture with High Sierra failed.
  6. andrew.j.aguirre

    Apple Keynote - Hello Again

    Waiting for Thunderbolt 3 add-on cards and imminent keyboard with Touch Bar and Touch ID.
  7. andrew.j.aguirre

    RAM running at 1333 MHz, not 1600 MHz

    Doh! Stupid me. Thank you. I did not enable the XMP profile. Then adding the detection in Clover fixed it. I knew it had to be something dumb I was missing. Thank you very much!
  8. I have a GA-Z77-DS3H motherboard, and about a year ago, upgraded to some RipJaws F3-12800CL10Q-32GBXL (8 GB x4). Ever since the beginning, they have ran at 1333 MHz, even though they are supposed to run at 1600 MHz. They also run at 1.5 volts, which is what the motherboard supports. In the BIOS, I changed the multiplier from Auto to 16, but it still gets downgraded to 1333 MHz (it shows it in the BIOS as running at 1333 still). Is there possibly a basic thing I missed, or am I SOL? Thanks!
  9. andrew.j.aguirre

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Nothing too exciting:
  10. I do and I have not experienced any crashes. I also run on the latest Web Driver. I know the PhotoShop does like to crash a lot, just because. It seems like everyone but me experiences that.
  11. andrew.j.aguirre

    Apple News - Spring Forward

    Apple wants people to buy more adapters. I might hold out to see if someone makes a good dock. ...Wow. I'm talking about a dock for a laptop. What is this, 2003?!
  12. andrew.j.aguirre

    GTX 760 3mb VRAM?

    You shouldn't need the CUDA drivers. I have it working perfectly here. Here's what I have in Clover: npci=0x2000 kext-dev-mode=1 nvda-drv=1 uncheck any Injections (may conflict) Any of those appear to be different?
  13. andrew.j.aguirre

    XFX R9 270X DD and OS X

    Decided to exchange it for a GTX 760. After a little tinkering with booting up, it runs perfectly. And, no fear of upgrading to 10.10.2. It is a bummer that I couldn't get the r9 270X working, but, I must have changed something over time that stopped it from working properly.
  14. andrew.j.aguirre

    XFX R9 270X DD and OS X

    Thank you, but no avail. I've tried multiple times to get that to work. Upon installing kexts, and running the kextcache script, I could not restart my computer into OS X. Every time I would get an error when booting with -v that is "OsxAptioFixDrv: requested memory exceeds our allocated relocation bloc". I researched that error, but nothing worked. I then have to boot using a flash drive and Chameleon, and reinstall Yosemite.
  15. andrew.j.aguirre

    XFX R9 270X DD and OS X

    So, yesterday, I finally upgraded my blazing GeForce GTS 250 by purchasing an XFX R9 270X (honestly, I think my onboard graphics are better). I bought it because everything that I read was that it was working OOB under Yosemite. Unfortunately, I could not get it to work properly. I've been searching online for troubleshooting threads, but, I am at a loss. If I do no injections, it will show up as "Display 5 MB" in the About this Mac window. When I inject "0x68101002" into ATI, it shows up as mostly correct as "ATI R9 270X 5 MB". Of course, because of the five megabyte graphics memory, the transitions are very choppy, and just overall horrible performance. Does anyone have some insight on what could be wrong? Thank you!