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  1. On my 660ti I had the black screen on boot up. Moving the dvi cable to the other dvi output on the gfx card fix the issue.
  2. DeathWok

    Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    Thanks for clearing that up Chev. So essentially the power management bug is not present if you don't use the kepler card (though using it for CPU offloading in cuda is fine)
  3. DeathWok

    Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    Ah I see, so essentially the hd4000 is used for everything, but cuda apps are able to use the dedicated card if required. So if i was to run a graphics benchmark or play a game I'll be still stuck running on the integrated card.
  4. DeathWok

    Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    Thanks for this Chev, but how did you manage to have your graphics cards to switch depending on usage like Lucid Virtu in Windows? From your plist injection I have my hd4000 working, it's working great and both cards show up in system info however it doesn't switch to my dedicated graphics card ever.
  5. The problem I'm having and I suspect some others above is following the install, osx will automatically reboot, there is no option to choose when you want to reboot. I've tried auto update which doesn't work since the 10.7.2 updated files are only copied during the shutdown sequence, I've tried the OS X Lion Update 10.7.2 Client Combo and also the OS X Lion Update 10.7.2 (Client) which prompts you before the install with this: If you choose cancel the update will cancel, if you choose continue, the system will automatically reboot without a prompt so there is no time to restore the old AppleLSIFusionMPT.kext