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    Norton Ghost and "invalid b-tree node size"

    Thanks for the suggestions, I think I fixed it. I shrank my Win 7 partition, and formatted it as fat32. Then booted into osx and formatted to hfs+. Then Ran DiskWarrior from the new partition. It appears to have worked, Disk Utility lists 19gb free space now EDIT: I did work *LOCKED* EDIT2: No lock topic here?
  2. Ok, so here's the situation. I have been trying to install OSx86 for a long tome now. I finally found a guide that worked. I used a Leo4Allv4.1 disk with a special Extensions.mkext injected into it. It saw my hard drive but only recognized 120-something GB of it (of 149 GB) because of the kext that was used. No problem I shrank my windows partition and made a small partition at the end of the 120-something GB to install OSx86 on. I figured I would extend the partition after it installed. Unfortunately I found that OS X can't extend a partition that's on a MPT disk. So I decided I'd make an image of my install with Norton Ghost 12 (which I've heard is one of the few Ghost versions that can image HFS+ partitions.) I used Windows to format the free space at the end of the drive then formatted the partition to HFS+ in OS X. Then restored the image to the new partition, deleted the old, extended my windows partition, and booted into Mac OS 10.5.4. Now the problem. OS X listed about 600mb free space, 26gb total, 7gb used. Oh no! So I open disk utility. Click "Verify Disk" ("Repair Disk" was greyed-out) It failed and said "Invalid B-Tree Node Size." I also tried it in safe mode, same thing. I searched Google a lot and found nothing that would help me. Except for one thing about disk warrior. I downloaded and installed it but it said it can't fix a volume it's installed on or that your booted into. So I started burning it to a disk and when it was almost done it remembered that my pc can't boot a Mac disk. Now I don't know what to do. I don't know if it will help but I've attached a CPU-Z report. Any help is appreciated. CPUZ.txt

    (Nearly) Complete Installation Guide for nForce MCP67

    Thanks a bunch for this. I have this same laptop (as far as I can see) and have never been able to install natively. Either I can't get it to boot or it wont see my hard drive. After so much googling I would give up and come back to it sometimes and try again. I'm going to try this and hopefully it will work. Will post back with results. EDIT: YES!! Thanks so much! I used your guide and your other one on injecting drivers. I tried to use your AppleNForceATA.kext but it would crash when I tried to format my partition. I tried several ways to format it (through VMware, GParted, etc) but it never worked. So I injected GreenTurtles Extensions.mkext (thanks macontp) and it worked! One weird thing with both DVDs was that if it didn't move the mouse it would just stop. I had to keep moving the mouse the whole time, but it worked! Thanks ObsidianX, GreenTurtle, and macontp.

    Help! HP Pavilion DV6605US

    Anyone? (bump)

    Whats does your desktop look like?

    My laptop with Vista Ultimate and M11 theme Can anyone recommend a good dock for vista? I wanna try it out.

    Help! HP Pavilion DV6605US

    I have an HP Pavilion DV6605US (DV6500, DV6000) Laptop Specs: AMD Athlon 64 X2 1.8Ghz dual core Nvidia GeForce 7150M 1Gb Ram 160Gb SATA hdd TSST Corp. SATA DVD drive I need help finding a distro that will work with my laptop. I have tried several but none of them work. leo4allv4.1.1 and zephyroth leopard 10.5.2 amd efi rev2 won't make it to the installer Jas, Kalyway and another one I don't know the name of will boot to the installer but my hard disk is not recognised. Any help is appreceated. Edit: My processor supports SSE, SSE2, SSE3, MMX and 3DNOW!. CPU-Z dump attached cpuz.txt