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    It's Chinese,not Japanese. So please move it and other three of this section, they are all in Chinese...
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  3. Good job! I'm using the Aspire 3025,and this is very helpful! Thanks for your one stop shop
  4. jtwo

    ATI IXP ATA Driver repost

    I got the same problem.... How to solve this?
  5. Finally,I got the 10.4.6(both Jas and HOT) work on my laptop, boot natively! Thank you guys all! Now I'm striking on the alc655(SB400) sound, still there is no way out....... ps:sorry for my poor English,actually I'm from China^_^ Best wishes from China!
  6. 有中文用户吗? 过来顶一个,看看人多不多
  7. jtwo

    Still Waiting For Root Device FIX

    It seems to be the chipset problem,as i'm using an ati x200 chipset with the SB400 southbridge. How to solve this so far? Thax in advance
  8. jtwo

    Still Waiting For Root Device FIX

    I am useing a notebook too,so I can't make the changes as you mentioned.