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  1. Lag problem iATKOS v7

    i just installed iatkos v7 on my acer! everything works out of the box! (except wifi of course) this was the best installation ever! the only problem is that there is a noticeable and annoying lag throughout the whole system. can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this? I fixed it myself. W00t!
  2. HELP ME

    when i reinstalled it said com.apple.don't.steal.mac.osx WTF!
  3. HELP ME

    oh and i forgot to say, the update installer freezes at 12% Edit: OK im going to try it! i am restarting now.
  4. HELP ME

    i installed voodoo. then updated to 5.7 and in verbose mode it stopped at com.apple.dont.steal.mac.osx! what should i do?