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  1. Oh dear, this is fantastic! haven't had time since summer to play on this, I had a different approach on the install that started from an earlier version, got stuck at some point and wasn't able to have a decent functioning install... Before I try this I need to get some money and buy me another computer as I am still using this as my main work pc, so I am sorry if questions seems stupid but; how is the battery handling itself under normal conditions? did u try the custom bios to undervolt the GC? cheers buddy
  2. Hello everyone, I just chowed down entire thingie.... I'm an xps 15z user (L511Z) and I'm trying to create a functioning install... first of all trying to recompile the ML dmg with the package gives me connection error... ''connection is invalid''... m I the only one having this prblm?? second, is there anyone out there that has the 15z? I already managed a lion install but I am not really shure if I should make it stable or try to make an ML install and work on that... ps: gotta make it as stable as humanely possible... I want to use it as the main OS... cheers
  3. r we talkin 'bout the l501x model type or the new L511Z? If the last one can u plz give a general info on kexts dsdt.aml and eventual patches used before getting a detailed guide done? thnx cheers
  4. I went clean, cloned a vanilla install of lion with a couple of kexts...
  5. HDMI on XPS m1530 UPDATE

    ther answer to the old question: in theory hdmi dvi dvi hdmi should work. No solutions to HDMI aside from 1 that i saw yet it wouldnt yet work for lion. Last but not least; the solution breakes many other things, it wasn't a real solution... so no luck from atm go with DVI or VGA
  6. Ah before i forget; dvi-out works as well as VGA out...
  7. cloned the hdd, the updated 10.7.3 works magnificently. I dont think i will be updating this guide... i'll just put the neccessery links so that people can find where to find what... aside from that i can assure people that everything works (aside from the applehda.kext atm but i guess it will be fixed soon) cheers check the dsdt guide for any updates, in the end thats where the most of the people are active
  8. just installed freshly from 10.7.3 aside from the applehda.kext i can say that everything works.
  9. awww got it, no assistance needed anymore thnx
  10. [Guide] Install OSX Lion Dell XPS m1530

    oh no mentions, the thing is when u have a ready install it makes everything better (multiple hdd clones etc.) I just finished updating my other machine atm i am tryin to make the same updated hdd work on the m1530... we'll see how it will end.. lol this {censored} is fun to play with
  11. Clean as a whistle... had no diffuculties with the combo update, everything i working as it should, cheers! last but not least i didnt get how u solved the problem with i cloud? having the same machine as yours may i ask u how u managed?
  12. strange, i have already updated my other pc with the same graphics card (quite) and i can say that the video performance got much much much better... I'm gonna clone a hdd and try it on, if anything goes wrong i wont have lost much time...
  13. Finally i have some spare time, dont know if any of you already updated to 10.7.3 but i'm gonna try to update directly from vanilla and have it working... I'm crossing my fingers as I saw that people are using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and I'd rather be able to do it with the dsdt... check on me l8er Cheers
  14. I am doing an all out system update, going with a fresh install and following your guide just a curiosity question even if i'll try it in a couple of hours myself, did 10.7.3 update create any problems?