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  1. did anyone of you tried this fix - Darwin-ATA - to work around the 2GB-RAM-problem? Link to Google - Code: http://code.google.com/p/darwin-ata/downloads/list Thanks so far! FreEkO
  2. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    hey, thanks for that! FoN
  3. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    are you an american kid or what? thats not silly... read the facts about IT and energy consumption ... globally .. not me alone, of course :-) besides: calculate the whole year for energy prices getting higher and higher ... why should I waste when I can prevent wasting? ... and yes, this was my intention. please read. I want a full capable gaming machine that can low down performance when I let it run for long instances ... you dont want to understand?
  4. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    running 24/7 a system as router/mailserver/torrent on about 19W or 120W makes a huge difference for ya pocket in quick time :-) have you recently heart about climate changes, ... by the way? so my idea was to set up this bord with efficient components for 24/7 uptimes, but still will be able to boost some potential for at least medium 3D experience through a dedicated 3D-card tuned in when I need it. I dont speak of ultra low voltage cpu, but sth like Pentium E2200 Dual. Combined with a 2,5"-drive, 4 gig of 667 ram and and a descent graphic unit with 512mb it will still cope with good quality settings of most games at 1280x720 (I use a projector) whilst being able to dim performance down to let it run for long instances and energy saving ... cu FoN
  5. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Yes, you can choose which GPU to use: you can control the whole thing via system settings / energy options: see: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?m...17� there you can define which GPU to take (i.e: Battery: NF9400 / Cabled: NF9600) Anybody using this mobo for their hackintosh: can you tell the OS to use only the embedded GPU 9400 even though you are not in battery but 'cabled' mode? Can you choose that without rebooting? that would be a solution :-) thanks! Admin: check this doc's encoding... its served as UTF-8 but declared as ISO-8859-1 :-)
  6. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Hi there, Im mostly interesting in this mobo + 3D-Card combination, because I want a multi-purpose setup: - energy efficient when running 24/7 for torrents using the internal GF9400 - some extra-potential for gaming with extra 3D-card Can I deactivate the 3D-card manually when I dont use it? (BTW: How is this feature designed on "original Apple Hardware"?) How would you rate this board regarding energy efficiency? I want to run it on Pentium Dual E2200 @ 45W Thanks-a-lot! FoN