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  1. one more kernel based on my sources

    DaemonES: Any chance of a link to the latest? ...please Thanks
  2. Universal Binary PDF creator/printer...

    It doesn't work the same, especially if a PDF is needed for print. I actually need to print to pdf as with Acrobat, Acrobat doesn't work with Quark 7.02 as it's not UB. Unless anyone has seen Acrobat 8 about?
  3. I need one that will hopefully work with Quark 7.02 West
  4. Sorry not the RAID try turning off the ITE IDE controller
  5. Try turning off the Jmicrom RAID controller in the Bios
  6. QuarkXpress 7.02 UB on Demonoid
  7. Hi, I'm just about to some new hardware for my macintel. I'm getting a P4 D 3.4 and i'd like some advice on the motherboard. I beleive a 945G chipset is best but I want to use the Intel 950 Graphics controller with a DVI output. I understand you can get a ADD2 DVI card? What bouard would be best for this and what ADD2 card? I have been looking at the Asus P5LD-V and Gigabyte 8I945GHH-RA but I haven't been able to find anything about this ADD2 card. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks