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  1. Issue with folder/file permissions

    I've got the same issue- any resolution? XP Hosted VM with Leopard as the image (duh)
  2. I have a Question, which i cant find the answer to. I am a Noob to mac, non the less VM'ing it. Where is the shared folder to be linked with the host computer? I enabled "My Documents" - but i dont know here it is.
  3. Hey, i am having serious issues with this installation. I have made minimal progress. I somehow got past the Boot0: MBR etc. but I still run into my orignal problem. When my laptop loads, it stalls on boot. After running in verbose, i came across the same issue: Still waiting for root device. I am running this on my laptop. Single core, INtel, 1gb ram, 90gb HD, OSx86 10.5.6. I might run a ealier version, but i would liek to make it work. I am a noob- but i have tried most of steps on this thread, along with others. I have reformatted and primary partitioned the drive multiple times. There is only the primary HD in the computer. I havent been able to successfully boot into Mac yet. Any requests? im dieing to get this working.