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  1. Hmm my hackint0sh fails to reboot, here is the summary. (verbose log) When I attempt to reboot when running lion, it kills all PIDS and unmounts drives. In *snow leopard* my pc would hard restart after this, but in *Lion* it it just stays there and i have to manually push the restart button. I did manage to loosely follow the OP's instructions, I have tried the dsdt auto patcher, and currently i have NullCpuPowermanagement.kext and those keys for the boot.plist installed. Edit: chipset == xfx nforce 680i LT
  2. NForce SATA Controller

    Please MeDevil release the Latest NForceATA.kext.test so we can update a fully working 64 bit yet working sata dvd kext.
  3. Yes i use boot flag arch=x86_64. My sata dvd drive works with MeDevils latest kext. But not 64 bit ones do :/
  4. Works great, I could boot into 64bit kernel with 6 gigs of ram on an xfx 680i lt. Sata Dvd drive doesnt work though.. but i dont use that . I don't remember teh last time i've actually used a dvd drive other to install an OS.
  5. Yo I have trouble booting the dvd. I have a sata dvd drive as sata 5, and 2 identical sata HDD's as sata 6 and 7. I can almost boot my retail disk using nForceSLBOOT for sata. AppleNForceata can find everything and there are no sam read write errors, but when the framebuffer pops up, the only thing I can do is move my spinning beach ball on a gray screen. After about a minute of nothing, HDD activity and DVD activity stop completely. I have an xfx NForce 680i LT, 64 bit compatible cpu and 6 gigabytes of ram. I have tried booting with "arch=i386 maxmem=3072" but still no luck. Any help is appreciated. P.S. My setup can run osx, I have booted and installed leohazard before ( but leohazard just doesnt work well at all ) and I have had a working SL installation ( but I had to upgrade from this really wierd distro called LawlessPPC )