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  1. Tiger 10.4.9 Installation

    mmm...my problem comes after the installation process which ends in the right way...at least that's what it says!...maybe injecting drivers for my hardware...??? Anyone else?? Thanks anyway guys!
  2. Tiger 10.4.9 Installation

    Yes!!...that's the bottom of my problem, i want to work with plugins that use Ilok Protection, on Tiger the Ilok Reset Works but in Leopard doesn't yet so the plugins only work the Trial period and then die!... I Want Tiger on My Hackintosh!...Please Help Us!
  3. Hi Folks Here's the deal, i successfully installed Leopard 10.5.6 with grafics fixed resoution and no audio!...but the OS worked, the thing is that i need to work with audio ( Protools ), and the plugins only work with Tiger ( "Test Plugins" ), so i tried to install Tiger, i did it, got the sign "Successfully Installed" but i reset the machine and it crashed...Panic Error and Stuff!...i tried different kext but nothing fixed the problem...so my question is? If i managed to install Leopard Why i couldn't Tiger??...My machine is this! MO: Intel DG31PR...Integrated Alcatel 880 Audio and 3100 Graphics Cpu: Intel Dual Core 2.5 Ghz. E5200 ( it supports SSE1,2,3...) Well that's it!...if someone says to me "Hey Dude with this Ilok Reset Software your plugins will work!!"..then i'll give a 2nd try to Leopard... Sorry for my English i'm a Spanish Talker guy! See ya http://www.gonzalocordovez.com
  4. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    Hi Thehawks Reading your post i wondered if you were running onder x86 Leopard or the real Thing, now...i have a Intel MBoard dg31pr with a Delta 66, but i haven't been able to make it work on OSX x86 10.5.6 ( IDENEB ), as the 1010lt is from thesame family than mine i love to know what was the driver that you used... I hope you can guide me greattings and thanks a lot Gonzalo Cordovez http://www.myspace.com/cordovezgangband