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  1. OS X 10.9 myHack USB Installer Beta

    Have Someone tested to update Maverick directly from a working hackintosh with 10.8.5??? Ad a real mac do from apple store ???
  2. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    In my situation i update to nvram 1.1.3 end it fixed my SMB and AFP issue.
  3. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Thanks 4 your tip. Now it works perfectly. Ciao :-)
  4. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    I've to report a strange problem Using chaleon 2.2 from 2202 to 2266( to make iMessage working) release i have problem when i try to connect any SMB and AFP sharing. I got Message connection failed. But the strange think is that i can surf the net. With chamaleon v2.1 r2003 it works perfectly(except iMessage ) Any tip to solve the issue??? Thanks
  5. Hi, i need an advice...... i've to change my motherboard and my grafics card (asus p5e3 deluxe and gt 8800 512 oc). i've to buy a motherboard with this specifications: socket 775, sata 3, ddr3 1333 or above, and full working with lion and ML (sleep, reboot, audio ethernet, etc) the same thing for a graphics card at least 1 gb. any suggestion thanks
  6. 2 Questions.......

    Hi, i've 2 questions..... 1) i've just installed Chameleon-2.1svn-r2059 2.pkg (couse with chalamelo 2.0 r 752 i had a lot of problems)......which is the right prefpane for this version??? 2) have someone tested the latest nvida driver on an hackintosh with lion 10.7.4 - 270.00.00f06 Web Release - ???( i had a gt 8800 512 oc). thanks
  7. Half Wake ufter update to 10.7.4

    I'll try asap and i'll post the resoult. Thanks
  8. Half Wake ufter update to 10.7.4

    Where??? In s/l/e or in e/e??? Thanks
  9. Hi, I've a problem with wake from sleep. My hackintosh (p5e3 deluxe, gt 512 oc, q6600) with 10.7.3 works perfectly. After update to 10.7.4 i have an half wake, pc is on but my monitor is off. Ant. Solution??? Thanks
  10. Hi, i've an issue with my USB dongle ( dbt-120) and magic trackpad with lion 10.7.3. My trackpad after paied lose connection and reconnect frequently. My keyboard works. I' ve update to the latest Apple Bluetooth firmware upgrade 1.2. My dongle should be' the perfect One for Apple........... Any idea???? Thanks
  11. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    i get kernel panic if i click on iCloud after wake
  12. the resoult is the same as evoreboot. only shutdown and reboot works, but no sleep!!! my monitor go off by my pc stay on!!!! what should i do??? thanks
  13. Hi, My hackintosh works perfectly. the only problem is the sleep. i solved shotdown problem thanks to evoreboot. when i try tu put my pc in splee, my monitor turn off, but my pc stay on, and i can't wake it. what should i do??? thanks (p5e3 deluxe, q6600, gt 512 oc, NO dsdt.aml)
  14. Hi MaLd0n, can u help me please???? Hi, I’ve a tricky problem whit my Hackintosh. Whit leopard 10.5.8 my pc works perfectly. My MB is asus p5e3 deluxe (NO WIFI) , q6600 and 8800 gt 512 oc. I installed successfully Lion whit usb metod and chameleon rc5 r1083. First of all I Booted whit my USB and I haven’t any problem with shutdown. After that I installed on my lion hdd chamalen rc5 r875, extra_macpro3.1, added in boot.plist GeneratePStates ………, IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector, LegacyAHCI, NullCPUPowerManagement, but not dsdt auto patcher (the link didn’t work) , And I repaired the permissions. Everything works fine except Shutdown (half shutdown, monitor off usb and fan on) , sleep and Audio. I tried to remove NullCPUPowerManagement but the situation was the same. I reinstalled NullCPUPowerManagement and evoreboot. Now my pc can shutdown properly but sleep still doesn’t work. What should I do???? thanks