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  1. I am sorry but I just dont see how those replys help hi, I dont think he wants a macbook he wanted a notebook that works out of the box.
  2. I am sorry to sound so noobish and foolish but I have already done one osx86 system with my laptop and have it working perfectly/sleep/lan/all that good stuff. But I am slightly confused I have gone to the compatibility list on this site while looking into a new build. Is that list a list of tried and tested components? Or is it a general list of components and there should be notes on the specific item I want to use on whether or not it works? I know it may sound like a idiotic question and I am sorry for asking lol but it does me no good to be unsure.
  3. Personal OSX86 HTPC

    Hello, I am planning to build a mini home theatre system using ideneb which works flawlessly on my laptop and I have a big issue. Has anyone built a HTPC with dvi-out working on their hdtv. I currently have a panasonic plasma with no vga and planned on installing a video card with hd support and using a dvi to hdmi cable. Has anyone had any sucess doing this? Lol i am thinking a should just get a mac mini but for 400 bucks i can have a 2TB server. If anyone has done this with a panasonic th-42px80u that would be very helpful to know.