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  1. you give teh example that is the exception of the rule. :censored2: the ultra portable needs to save on battery lifespan, so as a consequence the GPU must be draining as little as possible power... that's why you get such GPU... a top business class notebook does need to be a graphic killer machine; it is a specific market different than consumer notebooks. regarding consumer notebook, one of the strongest marketing point is the GPU...and frankly I have never seen a reference to an Intel GPU with shared memory as being a good marketing feature.
  2. I would also appreciate to have a short tutorial, or at least to know which applications you are using to generate such pretty icons :censored2:
  3. that will rather be a negative point... the GMA950 is not as "good" as the Radeon 9550 which powers the current iBook. In the Pc world, Intel-GPU based notebook are synonyms of entry-level (cheap and dirty?) notebooks. I hope that if apple will be introducing a new iBook as it seems to be the case as the iBook12" is EOL (see on hardmac.com); it will not be based on a rather slow GMA950 GPU.Knowing that many mac users were already complaining about the low amount of VRAM powering hte Radeon 9550 (32MB), I do not believe that Apple will come with a Intel GPU using a shared-memory system. I might be wrong of course, but for sure this point will be carefully look at by the mac community. Well, actually looking at most Pc models (desktop and notebooks), msot of them feature a FW400 port; including Intel-motherboard based models. So I do not think that Appel will drop FireWire400 since it is adopted by all. Now comes the question regarding FW800. One month before the famous WWDC 2005 announcement, Intel has announced that they want to add FW800 support in their next generation motherboards and chipset (in other words, NAPA and Co). So was it a hint to the future Intel transition made official a month later by Steve Jobs, or really a support by Intel for the FW800? Apple has dropped FW400 in its iPod, simply due to both retro-compatibility with older PCs not all featuring FW ports, but also due to cost. a USB2 controller cost much less than a FW400 controller. I am currently using a FW800 external HD for backing up my data from my PB; and it clearly rocks. but the FW800 has a strong competitot to come : the eSATA. all HD controllers are going to be SATAI or SATAII so it will also become quite tempting for chipset and motherboard manufacturer (such as Intel) to developp a controller aound SATA format(internal and external SATA). So I think in the future the MacIntel could come with FW400 + eSATA instead of FW800, or both of them during a transition phase.