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  1. Do you know something new about how to install OSX on AO522?
  2. Can someone tell me how to install theme on OSX? I mean file *.GuiKit I was download application guiKitty 1.1b1 but somthing wrong. Installation stop.. It's look like: ===== Hi! I am guiKitty 1.1 by Unsanity. Let's rock! Processing guiKit file "Cold.guiKit". Outputting to "/Volumes/Cold/Cold". There's 1 theme variant in this file (so you know). Processing theme variant "Cold 1.2"... Saved the target OS version information. Saved the variant description. Saved the variant preview image. Writing out 391 patches... Extracting 186 theme variant colors. Processing theme variant "Cold 1.2"... ===== And nothing happen.. so how to do that?
  3. Edmunt

    OSX Installation doesn't start

    None version starting On VMware Workstation 7 I try install iPC 10.5.6 and I get this.. What can I do? Try with other kernel? (I instaled voodoo 9.5.0)
  4. Edmunt

    OSX Installation doesn't start

    Steal nothing.. I downloading "iPC 10.5.6 Leopard Hackintosh AMD" right now.. Maybe this gone work. p.s. Are version for AMD starting with special parametr? (example "-v AMD-fix.ktext") sorry for my english..
  5. Edmunt

    OSX Installation doesn't start

    My english is bad so can someone tell me short instruction step by step how to start mac installation on AMD procesor.. 1.) Restart PC 2.) Boot DVD 3.) F8 and "-v" fiew sec. latter PC stop on: dsmos: Starting... IOAPIC: Version 0x21 Vector 0:23 DVD stop rotate and nothing happen Maybe I do somthing wrong? Any sugestion?
  6. Edmunt

    OSX Installation doesn't start

    I try this edition but steal the same problem
  7. Hello I need help. This is my BIOS: Information about my laptop: I was trying few different versions of Intel and AMD and Intel/Amd, but none of these is working: - iATKOS_4a - iDeneb_v1.4 - iDeneb_v1.5 - iDeneb_v1.6 - iPC PPF5 - Leo4All v4.1 - XxX I steal have the same screen and nothing happen. On my desktop (intel) everything work fine. On laptop (AMD) not What can I do?
  8. Hello. Does the following configuration is detailed enough for successfull installation OSX in this model of Toshiba? If not, could you tell me what other details are missing. If everything is detailed enough, what would be the best edition of that? Before i was trying few different versions of Intel and AMD and Intel/Amd, but none of these is working. My Toshiba model is A210-128.