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  1. Try this in a webbrowser http://dslrouter/index.htm Default user name and password is "admin" and "password" respectively. If these don't work, reset your modem and try it.
  2. Yeah it doesn't seem to work with texas instruments sd controllers since I edited the two plist files and it still would not detect the sd card... Any ideas?
  3. bob2600

    New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    Is madtux still alive?
  4. bob2600

    New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    Has anyone figured out the quality issue with the internal speakers in the kext yet?
  5. bob2600

    New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    Try the non Toshiba kext posted on the first page... That's how I got mine working and I have a toshiba satellite a135-s4427 which has the same IAKAA motherboard as the a145-s4527...
  6. bob2600

    New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    Here's how you prepare a codec dump... Hope this helps :censored2: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do I make a linux codec dump ? - By Metajames OK, this is for everyone who is confused about how to get the linux codec dump. This is how I did it, you can do it other ways but basiclly you need to boot linux, cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#1 and save the output so you can feed it to the patcher on OSX. I saved mine directly to a USB stick, make sure to make it writable by right clicking on it and selecting the option if you do that. I will describe a email method below since I think it is a bit more straightforward. If anyone has problems with these steps let me know and I can revise this post. 1) Download Knoppix Live CD Linux Distro http://www.kernel.org/pub/dist/knoppix/KNO...07-01-04-EN.iso 2) Burn the Knoppix iso to a CD-R 3) Boot your Hackintosh from the Knoppix CD you just burned (press enter at the prompt to fully boot into gui) 4) Open a terminal session from the dock, the icon looks really similar to the OSX one, black screen with a ">" 5) Type in the following command CODE cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#1 > ~/Desktop/codec_dump.txt 6) Now you have a file on your desktop called "codec_dump.txt" 7) Launch the web browser (Konqueror) and use web based email to email the file to yourself. 8) Reboot the computer and remove the Knoppix CD
  7. bob2600

    New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    You are the man, MadTux! I tried the other ALC861VD driver and everything works! I have been waiting so long for a driver like this... Thank You so much, dude!
  8. bob2600

    New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    Using the new Toshiba kext on the Satellite A135-S4427 has the following results: Internal Speakers and Mic port work, but the headphones port does not. I have created a codec dump from this laptop and it is attached to this post. Thanks and Keep up the great work madtux! Toshiba_Satellite_A135_S4427_Codec_Dump.txt
  9. bob2600

    New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    The ALC862 toshiba kext that madtux posted partially works on my Toshiba A135-s4427. Speakers and Mic work but the Headphones port is still not working.
  10. bob2600

    [ Driver ] : X19x0 series All ID 10.5.4

    Hey empty skull, Your awesome driver with atiinject works well on my ATI Radeon X1600 Pro 0x71c21002 but only with D-SUB is there any way to get it to work with DVI?
  11. bob2600


    The PCMCIA driver on our toshibas works with the latest PCMCIA beta drivers coded by chun nan. You can obtain this driver in this thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=81048
  12. This {censored} has got to stop because it will only serve to make apple pissed off which will make legitimate modders lives harder.. Anyways OSX86 is not for newbies it never has and it never will! If people cannot wrap their heads around modding the software of this operating system then they should buy a real mac and not stupid products like this! I for one is sick and tired of all of this catering to people who are either too stupid or lazy to read forums or guides to make their computers work a certain way.. I mean come on who's with me? I hope psystar and this crappy company get sued out of existence by apple.
  13. Hey I think you may want to think twice before modifying the VT4 turnkey system since i think that you will void your warranty on the solution which will leave you in the dark when you need to get support.... I have worked with VT4s in several production environments and usually there are rigid warranty terms that need to be followed...
  14. Hi I was wondering if anyone was successful getting this type of functionality on a Synaptics touchpad with the ACPIPS2Nub drivers used for vanilla kernels?
  15. bob2600

    Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    Hello everybody i have an intel gma 950 and i am having no luck with the natit kext included with the thread and the 10.5.1 kexts the problem with the two drivers is that the internal laptop lcd panel will show a blue background but the external monitor port will display the desktop properly with the correct resolution and with quartz and core image acceleration... i was wondering if there was another driver or combination of drivers that may help me solve this problem. thanks -rob