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  1. I currently have a hackintosh running 10.5.8 with his mother board. The only difference is that i have an ATI vid card. So, i tried updating to SL for fun to see if it would work. When i boot off the flash drive i get the initial gray screen with the apple logo on it and the little "thinking" icon underneath it. Eventually, that icon disappears and after a few seconds the screen stays that grayish/off white color and nothing happens. I'm assuming this is because i dont have the same video card as listed in this guide. I have ordered the correct card but i just wanted to make sure it is the cause of my problem?
  2. I had the drive that i installed OS X on named "leopard." I installed the logitech mouse driver and the name of my HD changed to "dcd c®®®∫e dfd saaaaas zz------------x- ≥ m ,ij." Can i fix this? Thanks
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    About this Mac

    My Q9400 Quad core 2.66 GHz is now displayed correctly. Thanks!
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    Install hangs with 4 minutes remaining

    After several more attempts, its the same problem. I have noticed that the error actually occurs with "11 minutes remaining". If i move the mouse, it jumps to "4 min. remaining" and stays there. My DVD drive then become despondent. It will not eject. In fact, even after rebooting it will not eject. I have to power off and restart to get my drive working now. It is an LG SATA DVD drive.
  5. I get to 4 minutes left, and it just sits there. I can still move mouse, and it seems that the dvd is spinning in the drive. However, the light on the drive isnt active. This is a retail copy of 10.5.6 that i burned to a disc. Before the install i did the disc check and it completed without error. Im burning another copy now at 1x to see if it fixes the issue. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks
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    NEW INSTALL: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R

    Im having a similar problem. I have the UD3P board, and the 2600 XT card. When you say running with -x do you mean that you just booted with -x instead of -v? Thanks
  7. Hardware: GA-EP45-UD3P Intel Q9400 4GB G skill ram SATA 160GB HD SATA samsung DVD drive ATI radeon 2600 XT pro I have AHCI enabled, and i have both the HD and the DVD drive plugged into the yellow sockets on the mobo. When i boot with -v it goes through, then it displays a screen with purple, red, blue, and green pixels. Nothing happens after that. If i boot without -v it goes to the gray apple screen and after a few minutes it goes to a screen similar to what i described above, but not exactly the same. Anyone experience this before? Do i need to buy an NVIDIA 9600GT or something? I am trying to follow auzigog's guide. http://auzigog.com/2008/12/23/hackintosh-20/ Thanks, Jeremy