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  1. Graeme43

    No picture HD4600

    still cant get this to get to desktop with igpu and no dedicated card I have been trying all sorts and the IMEI disappears from IOREG when I have HECI -> IMEI patch enabled
  2. Graeme43

    No picture HD4600

    I don't know what im doing wrong but it works on the Z97N-Wifi, not the Z97M-D3H. Same cpu model. Just booting off a backup as I use this for non Mac stuff
  3. Graeme43

    No picture HD4600

    I want to sell my 980 as I need the money and I would love to be able to get the HD4600 to give me a picture. I had an HD2000(?) Pentium G3220 give me picture on the same motherboard in the past, although its unsupported and 1024x768, it was more than I can get with the HD4600 in 10.13 I had HD4600 working in 10.12 as I remember getting the azul patch to stop safari freezing when going to youtube. I have tried 10.14.0 also and it gives iGPU timeout It works in Windows fine. I have a secondary machine with Z97N-WIFI board and same CPU, less ram and 1080Ti. Shown on the right side, booted from my backup - it seems to work better than my main machine I just use CCC to save my windows on it Thanks
  4. Graeme43

    No picture HD4600

    Hey, I have a Gigabyte Z97M-D3H rev 1.0 with F8 bios, 4690K CPU and nv 980 running 10.13.6. Been trying to get the HD4600 to run for the past few months. Getting kextd stall or busy timeout for the iGPU and no ability to get to desktop. It will display verbose boot up to 4 iGPU time outs then stops at giolockstate3 but it never gets to the OS. I'm sure I got into the OS with it before on 10.12. The OS does come up on the 980 eventually while the HD4600 display stuck with the verbose boot ending until i shut down I have tried multiple platform-ids (0x0A160000, 0x0A260000 ,0x0D220003 ,0x0A2E000A ,0x0A26000A ,0x0A2E000D) and other stuff like the whatevergreen frame buffer patch guide. Don't seem to get far with that either lol Maybe someone can spot an error in the config, clover or ioreg? Sorta looks like its working but theres no ports or something? I'm trying to use the HDMI one on it Cheers IOREG.zip CLOVER.zip origin.zip
  5. I would add -v to the boot args so you see the text and can find out whats causing it to stop. I'd guess iGPU kextd stall if its anything like whats happening to mine lol
  6. I managed to redeem the code with tor lol
  7. Graeme43

    Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    With my Z97 i5 4690K, I added the firmware thing then updated to clover 4084, added APFS stuff then I just cloned my existing 10.12.5 to a secondary partition in a vmware 8 OS X 10.12. I ran the updater on my install through vmware, cloned back afterwards to second partition. It just booted first time, going to install nvidia driver now
  8. It was an Asus C8HM70-I/HDMI Motherboard and was bored waiting on my G3220 build parts coming (now has i5) so I put in my old Mac Pros 7300GT card into the PCI-E slot and fired it up in the case I had waiting. I cloned my existing OS X to a spare HD and I was using Mac Pro 1,1 as well and I think I just cloned the chameleon boot loader from that and it all fired up fine within 15 minutes of me building it. I used a usb wifi dongle with it What amazed me the most was how great it was to use. Really smooth and snappy. I did put my ATI 4870 in to try but I needed that for Mac. I swear it was like night and day between having windows on it and this was on a 500GB hd and not a SSD. Unbelievable! With windows it felt like hell using it but it was like a nice internet machine with Mac OS
  9. Ive been using 1 display and 10.10.3 then noticed that when my screen would sleep the GPU would stick at 795mhz (580gtx) Reinstalled 10.10.2 and still seem to have this lol odd This should work... right? Its what fwood had on his. plistedit pro says the full plist is fine and no errors. Using Mac mini 6,2 def <key>Mac-F65AE981FFA204ED</key> <dict> <key>Vendor10deDevice1080</key> <dict> <key>Heuristic</key> <dict> <key>ID</key> <integer>0</integer> <key>IdleInterval</key> <integer>250</integer> <key>SensorOption</key> <integer>1</integer> <key>SensorSampleRate</key> <integer>4</integer> <key>TargetCount</key> <integer>5</integer> <key>Threshold_High</key> <array> <integer>70</integer> <integer>70</integer> <integer>87</integer> <integer>100</integer> </array> <key>Threshold_Low</key> <array> <integer>0</integer> <integer>70</integer> <integer>87</integer> <integer>95</integer> </array> </dict> <key>LogControl</key> <integer>1</integer> <key>control-id</key> <integer>18</integer> </dict> </dict>
  10. Any luck with this, 10.10 and 580 GTX dual screen power savings? It seems to only drop mhz when i only have 1 display
  11. I will try with default EFI settings and see if it still boots Edit: seems fine
  12. I just made a new build using the G3220 53W (Plan to use for about 5 months then go i5) and am trying to get it working and came across here While I was waiting on my parts coming I got 10.10 to run on a celeron 847 1.1ghz and thought this would be just as easy Thanks for guide. Works great!
  13. Graeme43

    Ichat and the pre- leopard

    They work excellent on my Mac Pro whoopepeeeee
  14. nuh uh http://www.apple.com/macmini Still just the Core Duo I assume they used nvidia because ATIs X1800XT series are high power consumption cards under load and would be way too much for the deisgn (X1800XT is 100W!) 7900GT is around half that but a littl slower so think how cool the ones that are in the iMac will be
  15. The same one with just the CPU's changed?