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  1. Hey everyone How are you How can I jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1.3 on my iPod Touch 3G? The latest jailbreak tools released by Dev Team do not have jailbreaking capacity for iPod Touch 3G Is there any alternative tool? Thank you.
  2. booting problem because of vista?

    I mean, that when you come to the boot menu, you said that three options are available: Windows Vista Windows XP enter command line right? now, choose "enter command line" and write the following: Hope this helps
  3. CAN I multi boot windows xp, 7, and osx86 iatkos 5i

    Yes you can. There are many different ways for that, but the best is the following: 1- Make three partitions rather than two. By this, each OS will have its own separate drive. 2- First, install Windows XP (on C:). 3- Then Install Windows 7 (on D:). 4- Then Install OSx86 (on E:). 5- Boot Windows 7 DVD again and repair the boot. I can help on this when you want. 6- Boot normally (after fixing the boot) to Windows 7, install a program called "EasyBCD", and add a boot entry for OSx86 platform. Enjoy after this!
  4. 10.5.7 Released

    Checkout the safe update: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=167173 DISCLAIMER: EVERY STEP PROVIDED HERE ON HOW TO UPDATE YOUR MAC IS ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES AND I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE UPDATE AND/OR FOR WHOM CREATED IT AND NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CRASHES THAT OCCUR AND I ASK THE UPDATER TO DELETE IT AFTER THE UPDATE FINISHES. Alright. How are you doing? Hope you're doing well. The following are the steps on how to update your Mac to 10.5.7: *Note: Make sure that you have done a backup using Time Machine. 1- DSDT has to be patched. Download the patcher here. 2- If your Mac does not have the EFI v9 bootloader, download it here. 3- Two files MUST be installed in a mac system that has to be updated into 10.5.7, and they are: a- dsmos.kext. Download from here. b- IntelCPUPMDisabler.kext. Download here. * Note: their installation is as any other kext. Google for how to install kext file if you didn't how, and don't forget to reboot after installation. 4- Get the 10.5.7 update: a- Delta: if you are updating from 10.5.6. Found here. b- Combo: if you are updating from 10.5.6 and older versions. Found here. Update AND DON'T RESTART WHEN IT ASKS FOR!!!!!!!!!! Continue to the next step. 5- Postinstallation: most problems reside in this stage. However, a repair tool is present for that. Download it here. Once downloaded, run the repair installation and choose what fits your PC. 6- Now, you can restart your PC. Enjoy! DON'T FORGET TO REPORT THE RESULTS. It was tested on iAtkos 5i 10.5.5 package and went successful. Source: www.3rr0rists.com
  5. booting problem because of vista?

    1- Enter command line. 2- Type the following: 3- Reboot.

    Not at all. But if you want to make Windows XP boot loader to be the major, you have to add the chain0 file so that OSx86 can appear in the boot menu of Windows XP. The internet contains many guides for dual booting with XP. Since you don't have the installer DVD of vista, try to download the latest version of "Acronis Disk Director Suite", as it may be able to partition. Google it. Mention problems met.

    Do you have any Windows Vista Installation DVD? I will show you how to do this in a very simple way 1- Boot the Vista DVD (notice that XP cannot shrink volumes). 2- Choose Repair Computer from one of the Windows that load upon booting (appears as a link). 3- Choose next. 4- Choose Command Prompt from the Window that appears next. 5- Type: "diskpart", and press enter. 6- Write the following codes: (these codes will shrink your "D" drive and create a new partition) Enjoy! Let me know about encountered problems.
  8. Marvell Yukon 88E8040 and 88E8040T drivers!

    You're welcome. Try to play with the IP addresses, and if you have it connected to a router, try to enable the DHCP in the router and choose Auto DHCP from Network in System preferences. Mention any problem, maybe I can help. Thank you for trying the kexts.
  9. booting problem because of vista?

    Where do you have OS X installed? Let me assume you have installed it on your computer harddisk (meaning no other external hardisk) and Mac is on the third drive (not C, not D but E), then boot to the command line and try the following: Note: if you have Other harddisk or have Mac on other drive, you have to change the number in (hd0,2), for example: if you have Mac on internal harddisk number 1 and installed on fourth drive, then use (hd0,3) and so on if it was not successful, tell me on what harddisk you have Mac installed and on what partitiona and maybe I can help you.

    Acronis Disk Director Suite should be able to partition. The probable cause of partitioning failure is having four primary partitions. Notice that you can partition your hard drive to up to four primary partitions or three primary and one extended partition. It is impossible to add a fifth primary partition. A solution to this is to backup the contents of one of the hard drives to another one, and use it for Mac. But be informed that only up to four primary partitions is allowed, and Mac uses a primary one to load.
  11. Marvell Yukon 88E8040 and 88E8040T drivers!

    Thank you for your reply. I am very very very sorry for the mistake I did. I modified the attahed file; it is now called "Marvell.zip". Here to you what to do: 1- Download, extract the contents and copy the TWO files in the zipped file into /System/Library/Extensions, and overwrite any present files (prefer to backup first). 2- Open the terminal and write: 3- Reboot the computer, and you shall have the driver working this time. But it is VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT to patch the IONetworkingFamily in the package and sudo it; regardless of the AppleYukon2.kext inside it, rather, install the one outside it that is included within the zipped file. Therefore, install both IONetworkingFamily.kext & AppleYukon2.kext included within the package. Please report the results. Thanks, and sorry again.
  12. 10.5.7 has been released

    Hey All!!! How are you doing? Just check the safe upate here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=167173
  13. Marvell Yukon 88E8040 and 88E8040T drivers!

    Thank you for trying the driver. Mac OS X 10.5.7 uses a different version of IONetworkingFamily from what I put here. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't add any driver info into the Info.plist ... keep every thing as it is. Remove the added info, or simply download the file again, this is important that this does not cause conflicts and system crashes. One more thing, since the version of IONetworkingFamily differs in this file, you have to install it after copying it, not only overwriting the old one, therefore you have to sudo it. I modified the code above and added it into quote. Just use the above code again once you replace the IONetworkingFamily.kext again. Please write the results. Thank you.
  14. booting problem because of vista?

    Does the boot menu appear, but when choosing to boot it does not boot, or it is not booting at all and showing no boot menus?
  15. iPC X-DL 10.5.6 on P5L-MX

    Good morning dude! In fact, errors done in the installation more probably led to these errors. I will tell you what to choose. Perform the installation with the following choices: 1- Check the iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Base System checkbox. 2- Choose other language that fits you if you liked to. 3- Coming to the iPC OSx86 10.5.6 AMD SSE2 SSE3, and choose the following: a- Keep the default kernel, and choose NOTHING of the mentioned kernels. b- Don't choose video driver for now. c- Chipset drivers: VERY IMPORTANT, as many have their problems here: Choose the following: 1: Intel ICHx SATA Drivers. 2: LegacyAppleIntelPIIXATA. DON'T CHOOS ANY OTHER CHIPSET FILES. d- Choose your audio and network drivers. e- USB Drivers: Choose Patched USB Drivers. f- Fixes: also very important, choose the following for now: 1: SATA Drive Icon Fix (new) and PS/2 device support. 2: Under DSDT patches: choose "with NewHPET (Force Compile)". 3: SMBIOS: choose the "27 rev3 MacBook DDR2". 4: Don't choose the ACPI fix for now! g- Choose the applications that fit you. Reboot now with -v -f Here, if the screen showed yellow sentences in between the white ones, stuck and did not boot, then reboot to the DVD again and UNCHECK ALL of them, especially the base system - don't check it (in order not to install again ) and choose only the following two: 1- Voodoo kernel. ONLY without any others. 2- In fixes: Choose the ACPI fix. 3- Reboot, and enjoy! Note: if shutdown and restart were not functioning, reboot again to the DVD, unckeck again, and under fixes, choose the shutdown/restart fix. Please report what the results are, hope they are successful.